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Come ride the Roller Coaster Ride with me in Buffalo!

By Jennifer Sage On June 18, 2011 3 Comments

Are you anywhere near Buffalo, New York? Come join me for the Roller Coaster Ride!

The Roller Coaster Ride
Thursday June 30th at 5:45pm.
Buffalo Athletic Club Suburban
Register for the ride on their Facebook page.

Here is what you can expect in the Roller Coaster Ride:

This profile is exactly what it sounds like – an energy packed, thrilling, up and down real-life simulation of a single track mountain bike ride. But rider beware; to arrive at the single track portion at the top of the plateau, we have a long 15-minute grind up the approach jeep road, much like a roller coaster that must slowly climb to the apex before screaming downhill! Riders will develop patience and the mental acuity to help them up this challenging section, and the

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