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Cycling Training – Fact, Fiction, Formula or Philosophy?

By Jennifer Sage On April 20, 2012 No Comments

This is from Gene Nacey’s (founder, Cycling Fusion) new blog Evidence Based Cycling. Gene and I share a similar passion of merging indoor and outdoor cycling, as well as working to spread the word of indoor training techniques based on science and proper training principles utilized by the top cycling coaches. You know, evidence-based cycling! The title of Gene’s blog is brilliant, isn’t it? I for one will be following this closely, and will contribute whatever I can to his goal of doing our own research to help this industry do its homework.

Gene has agreed to post his ramblings here on Sage Cycling. Make sure to follow his new blog as well, and to like Cycling Fusion on Facebook. Enjoy!

Cycling Training – Fact, Fiction, Formula

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Is the Spinning® brand important?

By Jennifer Sage On April 7, 2012 18 Comments

Spinning programGoodness, my blog post from yesterday caused quite a stir on Facebook. Some people believe that even bad publicity for Spinning® is a good thing, and while I can see their point because millions of people watched this on live TV, I still disagree—this kind of bad publicity only dilutes and hurts the brand even more.

Others on my Facebook page wondered why I should even care about the “name” Spinning® so much.

One person said:

Why nit pick about the name? It’s been called spinning for years, that’s how people know it, it’s lame to even mention it.

Sure, it’s been called “Spinning” for years. But she, and many others, do not realize the importance of a brand. It’s not just a name or a title.

So I thought it would be important to

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