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What Are You Riding For? Awesome Video Everyone Should Watch!

By Jennifer Sage On May 3, 2014 No Comments

A video not to be missed…What are YOU riding for? Leave your answer in the comments!

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Welcome to Spin Class: You Won’t Last!

By Jennifer Sage On April 6, 2014 1 Comment

pushups in cycling class

This is a humorous account of a cycling class, called “Welcome to Spin Class: You Won’t Last” that appeared in the NY Times last week. I tell you what, I wouldn’t last in this class either! It points out the ridiculousness of many classes these days. Read it for a good laugh!

By Joyce Wadler

Congratulations on signing up for spin class. For building muscles and cardio, it’s the best exercise there is. Good on you. Give yourself a hand. You may find the workouts challenging in the beginning, so for you newcomers, a tip:

When class is over, do not leave the gym for 15 minutes. That way when you collapse, our specially trained instructors will be there to call 911. (It also ensures that unattractive strangers will not be

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A little Spinning class humor!

By Jennifer Sage On March 10, 2013 No Comments

Keep Calm and Keep it Real

By Jennifer Sage On February 25, 2013 No Comments

This meme might be a bit overused these days on Facebook but my assistant John created this one and it’s PERFECT for the Keep it Real theme. Feel free to use this image as you like!

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What is your inner monologue when you take a Spinning® class?

By Jennifer Sage On November 6, 2012 1 Comment

Ready for a chuckle? This brilliant “Inner Monologue of a Spin Class Student” can be found on the Thought Catalog blog, written by Stephanie White. Have any of these thoughts ever gone through your mind when taking a class?

Oh man, why is it so early? Better not look in the mirror. Yep that’s definitely a bad idea. It’s WAY too soon for that. Wait, what is that smell? (*looks down*) Wow, is that coming from my spin shoes? Must address this after class. (*creates new iPhone “note”*). Why is the woman next to me shouting at her friend? It’s 7 a.m. Why is she even making noise? Isn’t the first rule of spin class NO talking? Let’s kick her out. I guess class hasn’t officially begun. Damnit. Can we get this show on the road? Oh crap, there’s a sub today?! Alright, I’m leaving. No, NO. You’re already

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Spin Class song with Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO

By Jennifer Sage On June 29, 2012 1 Comment

The ultimate spoof of some of these crazy popular cycling classes out there! Thanks Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO for the laugh!

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The embarrassing 1980’s – ya gotta love ’em!

By Jennifer Sage On April 25, 2012 5 Comments

Who else remembers this – The Crystal Light Aerobics Championships of the 1980’s? I remember dreaming about competing. I was one of those teal and fuscia unitard and thong-wearing, leg-warmer and head-band sporting, kick-as-high-as-you-can aerobics instructors of the 1980’s. (yup, I’m dating myself!) Man was that a crazy (but fun) time. I lived in San Francisco and André Houle of the SF Bay Club (where I dreamed of teaching aerobics) was one of the big winners every year.

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