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Do you want to know more about effective interval training?

By Jennifer Sage On March 23, 2012 No Comments

Do you want to know more about putting together the most effective high intensity interval training (HIIT) profiles? Are you willing to have your profile be evaluated for effectiveness?

At the Indoor Cycling Association, the next two months will be devoted to high intensity training. On my previous website two years ago, I invited members to submit HIIT profiles to be critiqued. This was extremely popular and everyone, the profile submitters as well as the members, learned a huge amount about creating interval classes that are the most effective in achieving the stated goal. I’d like to do that again. This is the official invitation to ICA members to submit their interval profile (and if you are not yet an ICA member, the knowledge you gain about high intensity training in the coming months might be worth the entire price of admission)!

Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous! Before I

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Do you ride to the beat when you teach Spinning®?

By Jennifer Sage On September 18, 2011 30 Comments

As a Master Instructor for the Spinning® program for 12 years, I rarely created my playlists – no, let me correct that – I never created my playlists based on the beat of a song. That doesn’t mean that sometimes I didn’t ride to the beat, I sometimes did (more on that in a sec) but it wasn’t ingrained in me to select a song based on the beat. It wasn’t ingrained into the Spinning® program, either. (At least not here in the US). It’s not in the music segment of the manual (unless the manual has changed in the last two years since I left), and during those 12 years I taught the Spinning® orientations, it wasn’t a part of the “how to use music” segment of the Orientation. Very few Master Instructors I knew used the beat. It wasn’t prevalent at conferences, including WSSC. Some MIs who came

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