Student “Floats” Away From Spinning Endurance Ride

By Jennifer Sage On February 6, 2013 Under General Fitness and Health, Misc

I received the following Tweet from an instructor at First in Training in Bellingham, Massachusetts. It’s so awesome I wanted to share it with you:

Spinning Endurance Class

What a great comment by a student! I know exactly what this student is talking about. Don’t you just love that endorphin-rich feeling that makes you want to float after a workout?

And thanks to firstintraining for tweeting that to me. You are welcome! Happy to inspire you to create profiles that get your students to float home.

Instructors: do you teach endurance rides? Do they make your students “float” home? What can you do to inspire them to “float”? It doesn’t mean easy, by any means. But my interpretation is that it means the student attained that zen connection that is so inspiring and so vital to excelling in cycling and Spinning. It means they have attained the enlightenment level of indoor cycling!

At the Indoor Cycling Association, we teach instructors how to coach students to attain that wonderful connection, one that inspires students to float out of class. As an example, last year ICA contributor Bryon Black did a wonderful series on coaching aerobic intensity endurance classes, including some brilliant inspiring mind-body cueing (Bryon’s specialty). Here is Part 1 of his 3-part series on Mastering the Endurance Ride.

Not yet a member of the ICA? Read more here!

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  1. Nancy
    February 12, 2013
    3:23 pm #comment-1

    I teach endurance rides regularly but have far fewer endurance rides in my library than all other rides. Still struggle with putting these together. Would love to see more of these profiles at ICA!

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