Spinning® launches the Spinner Blade Ion with Power

By Jennifer Sage On March 20, 2013 Under Product reviews, Spinning

IT’S HERE!!! Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning is launching their Spinner Blade Ion with power at the IRHSA conference going on right now in Las Vegas. I am so excited that they brought on Angie Sturtevant to help create their power program and to make sure they stayed on track with the proper science, ensuring that it tracked Kjoules and not just calories. If you don’t know Angie, she is the one behind the CycleOps power program and is an absolute powerhouse (pun intended) of our industry. If this bike is anything like it sounds, then it will be a huge success. Watching this almost made me salivate!

I am holding my breath a little bit, though…it’s still needs to be tested on the market before I’ll recommend purchase. I know a little bit about the delays this has gone through (many) but I’d much rather see delays to market than putting out a product that hasn’t been tested and has to be recalled. I’m sure Mad Dogg does too, so must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. Looks like it’s not quite available for purchase…but knowing the work that has gone into this bike, if you are in the market for indoor cycles in the next year or two, keep your eyes on this one. There is nothing like REAL power!

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  1. Saraspin
    March 20, 2013
    7:57 pm #comment-1

    It still uses the knob though. I may be biased towards the Keiser with knowing what gear/RPM produces what watts instead of turning a knob and try to ‘dial in’. Remains to be seen though. Does the blue light blink all the time? That could get annoying in a room with all these blinking blue lights.

  2. Jennifer Sage
    March 20, 2013
    10:16 pm #comment-2

    I thought the same thing about the resistance knob Sara. I can’t wait to try it out to see how the power is reflected on the meter. Perhaps with the resistance knob you can get smaller incremental increases/decreases in power that you don’t get with the Keiser…

  3. Daniel Hill
    March 21, 2013
    5:17 pm #comment-3

    Jennifer, I am about to purchase a new bike and I wanted to know how the Spinner Blade Ion is different than the Schwinn AC with MPower. I rode the Schwinn AC a little over a year ago and I loved it. It has magnetic resistance and the M Power console sounds like the same thing as the Power console on the Spinner Ion. This was my first time riding magnetic and I told myself I would never go back to friction again.

  4. Jennifer Sage
    March 21, 2013
    11:36 pm #comment-4

    Daniel, I haven’t ridden either the Schwinn AC with power nor the Spinner Blade. I would like to ride both of them hopefully soon though. However, one thing that is a big difference is that the Schwinn AC uses estimated power, an algorithm based on the resistance and cadence. It’s not an actual strain gauge like the new Spinner Ion is. Although, the Ion is so new, I think that it’s wise to wait a little to see how it holds up to actual use.

    What’s the difference between estimated and actual power? Well, in a class environment when you’re not working with students who ride outside, perhaps not a lot. Estimated power can still help students understand the real need for resistance in order to optimize their power and burn calories. But, it can vary from bike to bike, and it can be as much as 25 or more watts off of real power. To a cyclist that’s a lot. For me personally, I’d go for the real power if I was purchasing one for myself.

    I agree that the magnetic resistance is much nicer. Doesn’t appear that the Blade Ion has magnetic resistance, or at least, they didn’t mention it.

  5. renee shapurji
    March 23, 2013
    2:34 pm #comment-5

    would like to connect with angie in regards to cycleops power program.

  6. LRob1
    April 5, 2013
    1:56 pm #comment-6

    I have taken and taught classes at facilities in which power meters were standard issue and there is no question that it’s an amazing tool. Being able to lead a class through a real cycling workout using power targets rather than more nebulous markers is not only more concrete but more effective. I am frankly surprised it has taken Spinning so long to get this to market. They are at this point, well behind the curve.

  7. Jennifer Sage
    May 5, 2013
    10:33 pm #comment-7

    Yes, Rob you are right. And it’s been a long time coming. However, in the past few years, two companies introduced bikes with power that had major issues after launching, which only serve to hurt their product’s image. One even had to recall some of them. They are only now rising above those issues after a few years. People were skeptical.

    Because of witnessing those issues, Mad Dogg Athletics was taking extra special care to make sure their product was tested thoroughly in advance. And to their credit, they hired one of the top power-based educators in the industry, Angie Sturtevant, who put together the CycleOps power training program.

    They should have hired Angie from the start. When she came on board, she put a hold on a few things and took them back to the drawing board. Thank God she did because I believe that will make sure the product is thoroughly based on science. But, as you can imagine, it set them back a bit.

    Let’s hope the product can hold up! I’m not 100% sure of Star Trac’s launches; their cadence meter had a lot of problems when it first came out, and occasionally still has issues. But, I’m crossing my fingers for this one. I’d really like my club to get some next year!

  8. Mollie Sasson
    September 25, 2013
    1:50 pm #comment-8

    Any idea when it will be available with power meter? Golds gym in long branch nj is currently trying out new spin bikes

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