Photos of the Cycling Fusion Event and how to view the broadcast this week

By Jennifer Sage On October 27, 2011 Under Continuing Ed and Events, Outdoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling profilesHere are some fantastic photos from last Friday night’s Cycling Fusion launch at the new studio in Pittsburgh, PA (having a professional photographer there is such a great benefit)! The launch was to introduce cyclists and instructors from around the world to the Cycling Fusion concept of online digital indoor cycling classes available on demand. On Friday, we filmed three separate classes (which were available as a free live broadcast). Gene taught a 30-min beginner level class, I taught an intermediate Heart Rate Pyramid, and Tom Scotto taught an advance interval class that included a segment of a virtual ride (The Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen Hill Climb). Scroll to the bottom of this post for more info on viewing the broadcast this week.

Here is what one dear ICA member said after watching the classes on Friday night (this brought tears to my eyes):

I am so glad I had the chance to watch the rides. Thankful for Gene’s brilliance and his well supported technology. To watch these rides live was the next best thing.

Your ride was the usual “Jennifer’s ride”, enlightening and eye opening, instructional, motivating, inspiring, safe, effective, ….. all of that.
You looked wonderful, your signature rhythm and powerful delivery should be bottled up and preserved. I loved listening to your cues, your words, your calming tone that you carry your verbal instructions with. You should never stop talking during your rides. Your voice and verbal cues turn the ride into a “journey” and not simply an excellent workout. The profile was an excellent choice! It is amazing how true that is, that most think every ride should be a “kickbutt-breathless” ride, the biggest misconception. Thank you for emphasizing that with your ride and your words.

Those lucky riders there!! I wonder how many of them realized what they were getting. I’m glad I was able to join the ride-virtually! Hurray for the internet!!

Indoor Cycling profilesJennifer Sage, Tom Scotto and Gene Nacey

Indoor Cycling ProfilesJennifer Sage teaching Heart Rate Pyramid

Hmmm, I wonder what Tom is thinking….that I might make him work too hard?

I also filmed three classes on Thursday for the digital library.
This one was on Pedal Stroke Drills

Getting my students ready for the next intensity increase

Tom is about to kick our butts with his advanced class


To show instructors what the Cycling Fusion digital library is all about, Gene Nacey, founder of Cycling Fusion, made the three classes available to anyone in the world to view, as a live broadcast. To do so required registering in advance. While many people were able to watch the broadcast without issues, some people were unable to. It has taken Gene’s crew a couple of days to edit the video, but it is now available for viewing, and will be until November 1st, at midnight EST. (After that, you can still watch them – and we urge you to do so, but they will be available as part of the digital library for a small fee).

If you pre-registered for the broadcast, but were unable to view it for whatever reason, Cycling Fusion will be emailing you with viewing instructions (they will ask for some feedback – please help them out by giving it to them – it helps them determine what issues people had and why, so they can fix that in the future).

SPECIAL OFFER! If you did not pre-register, and are an ICA member, you can still view these classes. But you must EMAIL ME for instructions! jennifer@indoorcyclingassociation.com.



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  1. Nikki Donner
    October 28, 2011
    12:49 am #comment-1

    Would love to view online, I did register and was one of the people that had a problem connecting. Unfortunately, I am going out of the country and will return Nov. 7th, so is there any way to postpose my free viewing until that time?

    Thanks so much!

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