My original Spinning® profile “The Gratitude Ride”

By Jennifer Sage On November 20, 2011 Under Profiles, Theme rides

Spinning profileIn 2008 I posted my original Gratitude Ride on my blog at the time, Funhogspins. The coaching was specific to the time, but many of the thoughts expressed in this ride can of course still be used. My newest version of The Gratitude Ride was just posted on the ICA website (for ICA members), and has been updated considerably, including the ideas, the coaching, the quotes and the music. And it’s a 90-minute class.

However, anyone can feel free to use this profile that I created four Thanksgivings ago and add your own style and your present-day thoughts. Click here to find it on Funhogspins.

This was back when I taught more of a typical Spinning® style of class. I do things a little different now though. I don’t do separate movements like “runs” or “jumps” like they are presented in that profile. Rather, to be more cycling specific, I might do 15-30 second, out-of-the-saddle surges on occasion, or just stand to stretch the legs or take a break from the saddle. And I don’t do a separate move called “Run with Resistance” – it’s just a standing climb.

Of course, you can use the profile as you see fit. Enjoy!



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  1. Marian grant
    December 31, 2011
    1:36 am #comment-1

    I was reading in one of your posts a 12 week training program that you were going to have available. Is that program available yet?

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