Meet Our Eight Winners From the ICA Facebook Photo Contest

By John Chappell On February 19, 2013 Under Misc

The Indoor Cycling Association is excited to announce the eight winners of our first annual Facebook Keep it Real photo contest. We more than exceeded our expectations with this contest, with 73 photo submissions and over 800 new “Likes” on our Facebook page. We welcome not just instructors, but hundreds of indoor cycling students from around the globe. Your contribution to our page will help us connect students and instructors, and help us educate you on what is safe and effective in indoor cycling classes. We welcome any suggestions you might have on our Facebook page. We learn from you as well!

This growth will go a long way to increasing our community not only on the Facebook page, but also we hope with increased comments on the Sage Advice Blog (always free!) and as well, we hope to welcome many new members to the Indoor Cycling Association.

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These are the top eight finalists of 73 submissions. Click on their name to be taken to the ICA page that tells a little more about each of them and their photo. All participants win an ICA “I Keep it Real” wristband. Our winners, based on total number of Facebook votes, and their prizes are the following:

First Place: Lois Loyd from Gurnee, Illinois.

Lois wins a six month membership to the Indoor Cycling Association and a Collectors Box Set of Global Ride Spain Series DVDs.


Second Place: Melissa Michaelchuck Spredemann
Mequon, Wisconsin.

Melissa wins a three month membership to the Indoor Cycling Association and 3 EpicRides DVDs of her choice.

Third Place: Luz Alejandra Lovern, from Doha, Qatar

Luz wins a two month membership to the Indoor Cycling Association and 2 EpicRides DVDs of her choice.

For our 4th through 8th place winners, they all receive a 1-month ICA membership and their choice of the following (4th place winner has first option, and so forth):

Choice of one EpicRides DVD
Global Ride Spain DVD
The e-book Keep it Real
The e-book Ten Essential Ways to Stay Motivated as an Indoor Cycling Instructor

Fourth Place: Rebecca Young, Charleston, SC

Fifth Place: Amy Goodrum, Syracuse, NY

Sixth Place: Marion Daniels, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Seventh Place: Tammar Berger, Washington, DC

Eighth Place: Stephen Keppie, Edinburgh, Scottland

One again we thank everyone who submitted photos, and especially our eight finalists who went all out to get their friends, students, co-workers, peer, and family to vote. We definitely look forward to doing this again, maybe even twice a year. So start collecting your favorite indoor cycling photos. You can see from the submissions that we had that there is an infinite variety of possibilities.

If you haven’t yet liked us on Facebook, please join our growing community!


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ryan James
    February 24, 2013
    5:27 pm #comment-1

    Fun pics, I can feel the energy!
    Are you able to share the ‘back story’ on these pics?

  2. Jennifer Sage
    February 25, 2013
    3:50 am #comment-2

    Hi Ryan,
    You can go to the ICA page where I’ve posted a lot more information about them.
    Photos 1-4 are described here: http://www.indoorcyclingassociation.com/public/imageICA_Facebook_Photo_Contest_14.cfm

    Photos 5-8 here: http://www.indoorcyclingassociation.com/public/ICA_Facebook_Photo_Contest_58.cfm

    Also make sure to like us on facebook where we post daily information.


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