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By Jennifer Sage On September 25, 2012 Under Continuing Ed and Events, Events, ICA products, Keep it Real
Spinning instructor continuing education

The Cause and Effect workshop

I am winding down a 3-week trip to Europe that started off in the Netherlands, where I did a Master Spinning® class with two other presenters (current Spinning MI Hans Hoebbel and former Spinning MI Nancy Hasselbaink), plus a weekend of ICA workshops. This past weekend was spent in Wimbledon in London where I helped launch the brand new Pedal Studio in Wimbledon with a press day and my Alpe d’Huez Master Class on Friday, and four ICA continuing education workshops over the weekend. In between the two training weekends, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with some cycling in Alsace, France.

I’ll have some photos of our cycling trip posted soon, but I wanted to put up a few great shots of the training weekend at Pedal Studio. You’ll be hearing more about this studio soon, as Andrew Clayton, the owner of this and one other studio in London, is committed to providing a unique training experience that Keeps it Real and provides heart rate training for members. One of the workshops I presented was The Art and Science of Heart Rate Training, where attendees learned about and experienced both a Talk Test and a Field Test to estimate lactate threshold. Next, Andrew will be exploring ways to teach members about these concepts and to get all instructors and students on board, as he takes steps to ditch using maximum heart rate as a benchmark for zones. I’ll be keeping all ICA members abreast of their progress, because I think it’s a very important step for studios and instructors who really want to learn the most effective way to train members, and who recognize the benefit of using threshold over maximum heart rate zones. So keep your eyes open for updates!

The photo in the upper right is from the Cause and Effect workshop in which riders experienced the relationship between cadence and resistance and their effect on intensity. Every single time I’ve taught this workshop it has been a “light bulb moment” for many instructors; things they thought were common sense became even more apparent after we tested various cadences from 68 to 108 rpm and how playing with resistance and setting a “baseline” made it so much easier to teach students about resistance and also made it harder for them to “cheat.” Notice my hand on the resistance knob in the photo—we did a lot of fine-tuning of our effort level with that knob!

Spinning instructorThe photo above is the explanation of the high-intensity VO2 max intervals we were about to experience in the Effective Intervals workshop. These efforts truly are a “sufferfest,” but you should know when they are appropriate and how to do them properly. Contrary to what many instructors think, not every interval will cause adaptations in VO2 max—there is a specific intensity you must reach and a minimum duration is indeed you want to affect your VO2 max. You should also know the recommended recovery ratios for the various types of intervals—it’s not always the same.

Spinning instructor training

Neil Troutman, Jennifer Sage, Mairead Bergin

In London it was so nice to reconnect with two people I met in the past year. Mairead on the right flew out to New York for my workshops last April, and Neil on the left was at IDEA conference in San Diego in July. And now I got to ride with them again here in London. It’s so cool how the indoor cycling world is a very connected and tight community!

Did you notice the awesome ICA jersey I’m wearing? They were just completed prior to this training weekend, and I am so thrilled with how they came out, both in quality and in design! In the next few weeks we will be doing a pre-order for those who are interested. You can’t tell from these particular photos but on the sides and the back it says “Keep it Real,” on one arm band it says “Educate,” and the other says “Inspire.” Together, those three things are the collective mantra of the Indoor Cycling Association.


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  1. Mairead
    September 26, 2012
    1:16 pm #comment-1

    Great update jenn, it was a pleasure to host you and Jeff hope you made it home safe and hassle free ! See you soon again I hope . As you know further education is a big part of my philosophy , and together continuing to learn is continuing to live !

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