If fans are an issue, why not get your own personal fan?!

By Jennifer Sage On March 10, 2012 Under General Advice, studio management

All of us have been in classes where some students are not happy about the location of the fans. I’ve even heard dreadful stories from instructors about actual fights over fans. I’ve never experienced that, but I have had some terse words over fans, and have tried my best to find ways to make everyone happy and avert problems. Sometimes that’s hard to do.

Everybody’s body temperature is a little bit different, and our bodies react to internal heating from exercise differently. Age, hormones, and body composition sometimes make a difference, but it’s not always evident. It doesn’t matter what side of the discussion you are on; either way it’s miserable to be in a position that you don’t like. If you get really hot really easy, it’s miserable to not have that wonderful sensation of cooling ventilation blowing directly on you. On the other hand, if you hate fans blowing directly on you (like me), then it’s miserable to the point of getting chills when you are stuck in a position where you can’t avoid them. I know some clubs that have established designated “Fan Free” zones because of difference in tastes. It’s not limited to gender or age, however, when you have a lot of women in their 50’s, you can expect the preference for fans to increase! 😉

Meet Trish, one of my students. She has discovered an excellent solution! She brings along her own personal mini-fan and attaches it to the handlebars. It’s not super strong, but at least she can focus it on her face.

This mini fan came from Target and just clips on to the handlebars.

Thanks for the tip Trish! I am sure some students out there will thank you immensely!

(And to think, some places want to raise the temperature of the cycling studio!)


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  1. Gino
    March 11, 2012
    9:46 am #comment-1

    Nice post as always Jennifer. Fans and airflow is a subject near and dear to my heart – actually a pet peeve when not done right. Here’s a link to my rant on the same topic (those who also feel passionately about having fans might enjoy it). I also have a “personal fan” recommendation in the article: http://cyclingfusion.com/fanatics/indoor-training/start-fan-club/

  2. Jennifer Sage
    March 11, 2012
    10:05 pm #comment-2

    Excellent post Gene, thanks for linking to it! Personally I like general ventilation, just not fans directly on me. I like the way you have it at your Cycling Fusion HQ, from above.

    In this little room in the photo there are two fans, one on each side at the front. One is pretty small. The best would be larger oscillating fans so everyone could benefit. Sometimes someone will bring in another one from the gym floor, but it is big and very noisy – sometimes drowning out the music and instructor (nope, no working mic).

    At my other club there are 3 or 4 fans, and people are generally pretty happy. One girl hides at the back and grumbles if any wind gets on her….. most people learn to stay away from her and direct the fans away!

    Funny how personal it gets at times…..

  3. Alison
    March 11, 2012
    10:05 pm #comment-3

    What a great idea! I could buy a few and have them available to hand out when the arguing begins which it almost always does.

  4. Jennifer Sage
    March 12, 2012
    2:47 pm #comment-4

    I’ll ask Trish how much they are. That’s a good idea to have one or two on hand in the instructor bag of tricks. But you can’t play favorites and gotta let different people use them. Maybe they’ll be inspired to go buy their own once they try yours!

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