I Can’t Come to Your Class…I MIGHT DIE!

By Jennifer Sage On March 1, 2014 Under General Advice

spinning woman from the front, on a bike(Reprinted with permission from Cassie P, the author and owner of itsmecassie blog. Click here for the original article.)

“I can’t come to your class…I MIGHT DIE!”

I get this a lot. Friends who have not tried an indoor cycling class have no idea what to expect. But why do they think they are going to die? I’ve probed a little deeper and they do! They think they will DIE. I haven’t heard of any indoor cycling related deaths. After I reassure them that I haven’t lost anyone yet and show them proof of my CPR certification, I usually send them an email that explains how and what they will feel. I gathered my thoughts and made it a little more succinct and posted it on Facebook. I got a lot of great feedback so I wanted to share it with a bigger audience! Feel free to use it! It goes a little something like this:

I was messaging a friend last night about coming to my spin class. She was afraid she “might die”. This was the second time in a week that I heard this same phrase! NO, you aren’t going to die. I promise.

Here’s what you will feel immediately:

  1. Hot and sweaty.
  2. A bit winded.
  3. A little clumsy if it’s your first time ever in a spin class.

Here’s what you feel one hour later:

  1. Sexy because your cheeks are still glowing.
  2. Empowered because you made it through the class (EVERYONE makes it through!).
  3. Giddy because the endorphin rush is pretty strong.

Here’s what you will feel the next day:

  1. Well-rested because you actually used up some physical energy and slept better.
  2. A bounce in your step because you are still riding the endorphin high.
  3. A craving for your next class because all of the above was pretty rad.

If you continue to take classes, here’s what you will feel like in three weeks:

  1. Lighter. Spin has this funny way of making weight pour off of you.
  2. Smiling 90% of the time because the endorphins are now flowing through your body 24/7.
  3. Glowing, clear skin because sweat cleans you out and the natural flush stay with you.

So if anything, spin classes make you feel “alive” not like “dying. The secret’s out. See you in class!


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  1. Bill Roach
    March 2, 2014
    9:53 pm #comment-1

    This is such a succinct and clear message. I wish every new student could see it. I am writing Cassie P for permission to use it my student newsletter.

  2. Barry Edwards
    March 3, 2014
    2:35 am #comment-3

    Hey Jenny
    I agree with this, a lot of people are worried especially if they see lean toned fit looking people waiting to go in. I always explain that the beauty of indoor cycling is that it can cater for all. An very fit person can take the same class as an unfit one and both get a good workout and all the feelings above, unless they are in a class that includes press ups in which case they could slip and break the jaw, hopefully people will get your message about keeping it real and these bad practices will stop

  3. Jennifer Sage
    March 3, 2014
    3:02 pm #comment-4

    I’m sure she’ll let you Bill, she was honored to have it here! I really love this!

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