How to teach a Tour de France stage in your Spinning class with power, excitement and authenticity

By Jennifer Sage On July 11, 2011 Under Tour de France

I know we’re into the Tour de France already and I’m just posting this now (due to unexpected delays like surgery), but I am still very thrilled to announce the launch of the 2011 ICA TDF program: How to create exciting Tour de France Stages in your Indoor Cycling or Spinning classes.

Seriously, even if you are only teaching one or two stages, and even if you’ve already started your program, and even if you’ve never taught a Tour stage before, I promise the information in these videos and this 43-page ebook, plus the 6 stages, will catapult your Tour stages into something much more exciting!

Alpe d’Huez Master Class as an Audio!

The part I am most excited about – other than having two stages by Tom Scotto (more on that in a moment) – is that I’ve finally decided to record my Alpe d’Huez ride as an audio Master Class. I wasn’t going to do it, feeling that you have to be there to experience it in person because the emotion is so high. Also, since I use the lyrics and music to help motivate the class, it’s very hard to do that on an audio recording. The challenge is music licenses – I can’t simply record over the whole song. So I’ve decided to use small snippets of the most powerful songs and that will take some technical maneuvering to make it sound right. I assure you, recording Alpe d’Huez as an audio Master Class is going to take a lot of practice – I want to make sure I can transmit that same emotion into the microphone at my desk as I do when I’m teaching it live. (Maybe I should get on my bike with my headphones on? Nah, I’ll be breathing into your ear!) At a conference, I let the story tell itself, pouring out of my mouth as I ride, but this will have to be tightly scripted for you all! It’s a story unlike any other if you’ve never experienced this Master Class with me at a conference.

For that reason, it won’t be available as a part of the package until this weekend, but I assure you that you’ll have it with plenty of time for Stage 19. Keep in mind that this is a powerful ride that you can teach ANYTIME, it doesn’t have to be during the Tour de France. (That actually goes for any TDF stage).

Did I mention Tom Scotto is providing two stages? The Master himself?! You won’t want to miss that, especially the audio of the finale on the Champs Elys├ęe – straight from the sprinting specialist himself.

So my apologies for being late, but please, go check out the many reasons why you need this Tour de France package at your facility. Of course, as usual, ICA members get a great discount, on top of the sorry-I’m-late discount I’m offering!

Oh, and buy the way, I needed CPR after yesterday’s stage. Are you watching the Tour?! Holy Moly has it been a nail biter! ­čś«

My responses on the Tour coming soon…

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