How to not be bored when cycling indoors

By Jennifer Sage On January 11, 2013 Under General Advice

Velonews and FasCat coaching offer this video tip on how not to be bored when cycling indoors:

Brian Holcombe of Velonews asks Frank Overton how to pass the time on a trainer. Frank says the best way is to add structure in the form of intervals. He stresses getting creative and to keep yourself entertained and help that time pass quicker. Cyclists should have a fan, a water bottle, a towel, and most importantly a form of entertainment, such as a video or upbeat music.

Kinda sounds like a really good Spinning® class to me!

So I’ve got an even BETTER suggestion for you cyclists who are plodding through your indoor workouts on your trainers…. Why not take a well-designed, high-quality class from an indoor cycling instructor who is certified with Spinning®, Cycling Fusion, C.O.R.E., Schwinn, or another reputable indoor cycling program. But not just any instructor—because we all know that simply taking a certification doesn’t mean a whole lot…. You want to take a class from an instructor who structures their classes just like a cycling coach would (and not like an aerobics class) and who understands cycling physiology and technique, someone who KEEPS IT REAL. For example, someone who is a member of the Indoor Cycling Association. Because then you, the cyclist, will know for SURE that they understand how to balance cycling science, proper training principles, mind-body coaching, proper technique, and the entertainment needed to stay on a bike for an hour! They have the tools be more inspirational, and to know what you need as a cyclist. (Or even a non-cyclist.)

Sure, I understand that there are some differences between your $5,000 bike and an indoor cycling bike, but few people would dispute that riding a trainer by yourself is boring. When it comes to a one-hour training session a few days a week, nothing tops the workout, the motivation, or the camaraderie of a really good Spinning® or cycling class from a quality instructor who keeps it real. Nothing!

Then when you need your two- or three-hour endurance session, sure, jump on your trainer and put on Gladiator or Lord of the Rings (or if you’re like me, watch a couple episodes of Downton Abbey). And don’t forget the popcorn!


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