Get fat on purpose and then lose it again? You gotta be crazy!

By Jennifer Sage On June 11, 2012 Under General Fitness and Health, Weight Loss

You may have seen this guy recently on TV or in one of many online or magazine interviews he’s done, but if not, you should read this. Personal trainer Drew Manning found himself struggling to understand why his clients couldn’t/wouldn’t lose weight, so he decided to put himself in their shoes. He gained 70 lbs and then lost it again, all in one year. He wrote about his journey to fat and back in his book Fit2Fat2Fit.

All I can say is Wow. I personally would never do that, but I’m kind of glad someone else did and then wrote about it. I believe there can be some remarkable lessons learned from this. I will probably read his book. There are some inspiring stories on his blog from people who have gone through the emotional roller coaster of weight loss.

What do you think? Did he put his own life/health at risk? How about his relationships? Was the knowledge gained worth the risk? Do you think he is now better equipped to answer his clients questions and understand their struggles to lose weight and maintain a fitness program?

Someone suggested to me that he did this as a gimmick. That he just wanted to make money. Well, I believe that if he wrote an inspiring book about what he discovered on this journey, both on the way up in weight and on the way down, and if trainers and their clients all benefit from his revelations, then all the power to him. I can only see good coming from this. I hope he makes a million! He would deserve it so much more than so many “weight-loss gurus” out there (especially the self-proclaimed ones).


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  1. Kathy
    June 15, 2012
    3:36 am #comment-1

    I saw this as well and was quite impressed with the way he approached the ” why aren’t my clients coming back?” question. In fact he made it a quest. His story is awe inspiring in the way he pursued the answer to the extreme. Would I do this? No, I apparently am not that committed and I doubt few are but I applaud his quest and he has earned my respect as a “serious” trainer. To walk a mile in someone’s shows to the Nth degree. Publicity stunt? I agree with Jen, I hope he makes millions. It takes true dedication to do what he did to see what his clients are going through.

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