Fat Cyclist gives tips on how to describe a climb

By Jennifer Sage On August 7, 2012 Under coaching, Outdoor Cycling

I’ve been a fan of The Fat Cyclist for many years and met him and few years ago at InterBike in Las Vegas. He blogs mostly about cycling (primarily mountain biking), but you’ll find posts on running marathons and a wide variety of other tales, all written with a dry wit and self-deprecating humor. He’s also magnificent at raising tons of money for cancer-related causes from his thousands of fans from around the world (his wife died of cancer about three years ago).

Fatty’s recent post describes how to determine percent grades on a climb, and what they feel like to a cyclist. I bet you can find some clever cues to use in your classes as you create climbing profiles of various grades/difficulties.

Anyone want to know what a 12% grade feels like? Believe me – it’s hard! Many cyclists get off their bikes.

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