Exercise WILL change your life!

By Jennifer Sage On June 12, 2012 Under General Fitness and Health, Weight Loss

We know it, and our clients and students (usually) know it. But so many people in the world, oftentimes people we love (like family members), do not fully realize (or they choose to ignore) how much of an impact exercise will have on their lives. They think of it as a “punishment”, or as something those skinny athletic people do. They talk themselves into believing they don’t have the will power. They blame their health problems on their genes, their diet (but still don’t change it) or their upbringing. They don’t believe exercise will have any effect on them because they tried it before and didn’t get very far.The are on the other side of “The Great Divide”.

This article Exercise Will Change Your Life and Here’s Why appeared in the Seattle Times last week. It is one of the best articles I’ve ever read on the subject. The author, Maureen O’Hagan, is not preaching down to the non-exercisers because she was once one of them. But she does say it like it is:

Yes. Exercise:

• Can reduce your risk of getting, or dying from, certain cancers;
• Can delay or avert Type II diabetes, as well as reduce your mortality risk if you have diabetes;
• Can help maintain your cognitive function into old age.

Is that enough? OK, one more thing:

Studies — including one by the American Cancer Society — have shown that sitting itself can take years off your life. It’s not just that you’re burning fewer calories. It’s that certain bodily processes go silent — processes that do things like regulate your insulin and get the fat out of your bloodstream.

“Excessive sitting,” a Mayo Clinic researcher was quoted in The New York Times as saying, “is a lethal activity.”

Please share this article with all your non-exercising loved ones. It shares your message in a way you might never have been able to.

Now excuse me while I move away from this lethal activity of typing at my computer…


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  1. Gilly Blundell
    June 18, 2012
    12:02 pm #comment-1

    Thank you, I really needed to read this today, having spent the weekend with my elderly parents celebrating my father’s 80th. My father has type 2 diabetes and my mother advanced alzheimer’s. They are both pretty immobile compared to my in-laws of the same age, who are still on the go and leading very full lives. I had been musing that if that is my genetic future it’s not looking good. However since I teach eight spinning classes and two body pump classes a week, do pilates and spend as much time as I can on my new racing bike I am now thinking, hey thanks Maureen, you reminded me why…
    Excessive sitting is not for me!

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