Easter Sunday ride at Colorado National Monument

By Jennifer Sage On April 11, 2012 Under Outdoor Cycling

My second outdoor ride of the season was a gorgeous one in Colorado National Monument near the Utah border. Colorado is such an amazing and beautiful state, I feel so grateful to live here!

I took my first full weekend off in over a year this past weekend, so if you were expecting more blog posts or content pages on ICA, you can blame my husband – he wouldn’t allow me to do anything on my computer except BRIEFLY check emails! It was s a combination belated birthday present for me plus Easter weekend getaway, and we stayed in Glenwood Springs on Saturday night at a very historic 120 year old hotel, had some massages, went to a fantastic dinner in Basalt, Colorado to a Spanish restaurant for tapas. The next morning after a wonderful lazy breakfast, drove 80 miles to the border of Utah to ride Monument National Park. It was 33 miles with 2600 feet elevation gain. Here is the Mapmyride profile.

Here are some of our views on the ride. Enjoy!

That was the first climb into the Monument.


Another view of that first climb

Jeff riding ahead of me.

Me at one of the scenic pullouts overlooking Monument Valley

How about that for switchbacks? We went down them, not up! Next time we’ll do the opposite way!

Smiling (and squinting) at the end of the ride!

If you are ever in Colorado with your bike, make sure to let me know! This coming August is the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado – I plan on riding at least 3 stages if anyone wants to join us. Two of the stages are very close to where I live.

Ride on!

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  1. Le
    April 12, 2012
    2:00 am #comment-1

    Oh! Sorry I missed your BD!
    Looove the pics and the SAGE car.

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