Do your self-imposed limitations limit you?

By Jennifer Sage On June 23, 2012 Under General Advice

Not Juliett!

Go beyond your self perceived limits!

If her name sounds familiar, Juliet was the one that
brought us the 7 Deadly sins of Spinning!


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  1. juliet underill
    June 24, 2012
    1:16 pm #comment-1

    I used this mantra as a test for our Talk Test profile.

    The suggestion was saying the pledge of alliegence to test the rider on getting up to their LT but when Ralph Mlady posted this phrase as a thought for the day, I immediately knew that this is the sentence I want my riders to have to repeat time after time as we did our Talk Test.

    I am as guilty as the next person of creating my own limits and everytime I said the phrase I reminded myself to let go of the fear, let go of the boundry and trust in my body to do the work. What a great feeling it was to really ‘go for it’!

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