Cykl Rocks Toronto with Real Ryder Bikes!

By Jennifer Sage On May 30, 2012 Under General Advice

Meet Kim Donnelly, the owner of the indoor cycling studio Cykl in Toronto. Kim contacted me a little over two years ago when she was setting up her new studio saying she wanted to make sure all of her instructors read my eBook, Keep it Real. She said she wanted to offer lactate threshold field tests outlined in the eBook. At the time, she was one of only a few studios offering field tests like this. Cykl was establishing itself as a cutting edge indoor cycling facility focused on authentic riding with authentic training!

As a fan of the Real Ryder bikes, I love to see a studio like this use them in the way they were meant to be used – like a real bike. Kudos to Cykl for doing so. They also take other big steps to create a quality environment. Kim seeks out instructors with passion and cycling experience (and if you look at her instructor roster on the website, they all have a sense of humor). Make sure to check out their class titles – all authentic rides with no baloney. Lactate threshold field tests are actually scheduled regularly to help riders more accurately gauge their intensity and improvement. During July, they hold a very popular Tour de France series simulating almost every stage. It was even highlighted in the 2010 Toronto Globe and Mail.*

You can see by this video that you can have very happy students with great results, without having to resort to gimmick positions or techniques. This has all paid off for Cykl – they were listed in Blog Toronto as Toronto’s #1 indoor cycling facility! Ryde on Cykl! Great job Kim and Cykl staff!


*I was interviewed in that article in the Toronto Globe and Mail 2 years ago. I have three comments about it. First, I was really sad to see the title “Tour de Fake” because one, it’s not funny, and two, these rides are a simulation, but they are not “fake”! People really do ride hard when simulating a climb like Alpe d’Huez or Galibier!

The second thing I need to point out is that at the time I was interviewed I was working with another organization mentioned in the article. I no longer am associated with, nor do I recommend, that organization. I recommend Indoor Cycling Association.

Finally, I will be creating yet another Tour de France program for instructors and clubs with everything you need to know about conducting a Tour de France program at your facility. Keep your eyes open for information!


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. julieannef
    May 31, 2012
    12:57 am #comment-1

    I want to teach there! Too bad I live in Montreal 😉 Looks like a fantastic place to ride and teach Great job!

  2. clair cafaro
    May 31, 2012
    9:07 pm #comment-2

    Most of Kim’s coaches are C.O.R.E Cycling

  3. Shari
    June 1, 2012
    2:03 pm #comment-3

    YAY! So happy to see news of a cycling studio that keeps it real. Love all the testimonials. 🙂

    If I ever visit Toronto, I’m going!

  4. Jennifer Sage
    June 2, 2012
    2:30 am #comment-4

    Are they Clair? That is wonderful to hear! Go Cykl! Go C.O.R.E. Cycling !

  5. Linda J. Bains
    April 25, 2015
    4:48 pm #comment-5

    Thank you Jennifer Sage, for posting this story.

    I am a certified Spinning instructor in Cincinnati, OH and have taken many sessions with you at the Spinning Conferences in Miami, FL. I also own and often refer to your “Keep It Real” e-book and have taken 2 of your ICA courses taught in Cincinnati, OH.

    I recently tried Real Ryder classes near Cincinnati, OH which was suggested by one of my Spinners that does NOT ride outside. In order to try the class I bought a “3 class in 30 days” Intro package for $15 and I can honestly say 1) the best part of the class is at the end when I got off the bike 2) there is a soreness in the lower quads, oblique’s and triceps similar to the starting the outdoor road or mountain biking season 3) I only have 1 more class to go.

    Here were my observations\concerns – I did NOT participate:
    1) High cadence – always!
    2) Push-ups on the handle bars
    3) One handed turns w/ the free hand on your back
    4) Out of the saddle, high cadence, hands on the aerobars, then jumping out to the ends of the outside handlebars, then back to the aerobars
    5) Both in and out of the saddle – turning handlebars w/ arms, not core or body
    6) Out of the saddle, high cadence again, short jerks w/ the handlebars to left then to the right
    7) …and more

    After the frustrating experience of the 2nd class, I started researching and was delighted to find a post where you mentioned you sold your Spinner and bought a Real Ryder. This made sense knowing you live in CO and ride road AND mountain bikes. I was further relieved after finding this post – just like some other indoor cycling studios that use stationary bikes, I just happened upon a studio using non-stationary bikes that was NOT using them the way they were supposed to be used.

    I need to either find a Kim Donnelly Cykl(love this name) studio and\or sell my Spinner and invest in a Real Ryder.

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