Cycling Shorts – read all about them

By Jennifer Sage On February 24, 2012 Under General Advice

Spinning shortsAs indoor cycling and Spinning┬« instructors, we are often asked about those silly looking lycra shorts. Your students may want to know if they need to get them. Depending on your market, they may or may not be the norm. They certainly are where I teach in Colorado, but I’ve been in some cities where it’s Lulu Lemon or nothing! Ouch; personally, I can’t imagine sitting on that saddle for very long without padded cycling shorts. It’s no wonder that these students protest when they have to sit longer than a minute or two.

But I digress…cycling shorts. Yes, I’ve turned many students on to them, and I’ve counseled instructors-to-be at certifications on how to wear them. Many new instructors (and new students) who aren’t cyclists do not realize that they are designed to be worn without underwear. Yes, you may have to tell that to a student one day.

But, if you find yourself uninformed about some of the tech terms and features of cycling shorts, I’ve got something for you to read. Bicycling magazine just posted a short “User’s Guide” to the chamois, the padded part of bicycle shorts. Click here to read the article. As an instructor, it’s important to educate yourself about all the equipment available for our sport, and how it can help with your students’ comfort. This article might help you answer some questions your students pose one of these days.

Speaking of cycling shorts, did you know that members of the Indoor Cycling Association receive 50% off of Terry cycling clothing (clothing for women) as well as 50% off of their saddles (men’s and women’s). They are some of the most comfortable saddles there are, and can retail at $100-$150, so your 50% off is a substantial savings! Click here for more information. With the cycling season around the corner, now is the time to prepare your bicycle!


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