Come ride with Jennifer in Cincinnati, Ohio

By Jennifer Sage On May 11, 2012 Under Continuing Ed and Events

Spinning instructorCome ride and learn with Jennifer in Cincinnati, Ohio June 1-3. ICA members receive 10% off of all sessions. Anyone signing up for all four sessions receive the eBook Keep it Real as a gift.

Cincinnati, Ohio
June 1-3, at Anderson Health Plex

7495 State Road
Cincinnati, OH 45255
Call Vickie Magliano for directions 513-404-4168

The Sessions
Fri June 1, Alpe d’Huez (Master Class)
Sat June 2: Why Should I Keep it Real? (2-hour workshop)
Sat June 2: Mastering the Art and Science of HR Training (4-hr workshop and ride)
Sun June 3: Cause and Effect – the Relationship Between Cadence and Resistance (2-hr workshop and ride)
Sun June 3: Effective Intervals – Adaptations, Formats and Cueing (2 hr workshop and ride)
Click here to register and to read the workshop descriptions

If you would like to bring Jennifer Sage to your club for a weekend of inspiration and education, please contact Jennifer at info@indoorcyclingassociation.com. Her schedule is filling up, so schedule soon! A minimum of 20 bikes and a full weekend Fri/Sat/Sun commitment is required, or 30 bikes and Fri/Sat commitment.

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  1. Bill Roach
    May 26, 2012
    3:51 am #comment-1

    We just had Jennifer in Des Moines and you need to go to this Master Class and workshops. She’s outstanding, has great information. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to get new ideas for classes and learn the latest science. The only unhappy people after her Des Moines classes are the ones who didn’t come.

  2. Terry
    June 1, 2012
    12:46 pm #comment-2

    Can’t wait to learn in Cincinnati!

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