Come ride the Roller Coaster Ride with me in Buffalo!

By Jennifer Sage On June 18, 2011 Under General Advice

Are you anywhere near Buffalo, New York? Come join me for the Roller Coaster Ride!

The Roller Coaster Ride
Thursday June 30th at 5:45pm.
Buffalo Athletic Club Suburban
Register for the ride on their Facebook page.

Here is what you can expect in the Roller Coaster Ride:

This profile is exactly what it sounds like – an energy packed, thrilling, up and down real-life simulation of a single track mountain bike ride. But rider beware; to arrive at the single track portion at the top of the plateau, we have a long 15-minute grind up the approach jeep road, much like a roller coaster that must slowly climb to the apex before screaming downhill! Riders will develop patience and the mental acuity to help them up this challenging section, and the anticipation will build as we reach the top. Once on the single track, riders will learn when it’s appropriate (and necessary) to stand, and when one must stay seated to power up a rocky trail. This profile is based on actual single-track rides in the Rocky Mountains, so riders will be treated to a very real-life and exciting experience. Expect to work hard to very hard!

I did this ride as an audio profile on my previous site – I am planning on rerecording it for you all on ICA this summer (after the Tour de France profiles), with a few changes and twists and turns. This profile is really a lot of fun to teach!

That weekend (right after this ride) I’m heading to Collingwood, Canada, on the lake north of Toronto for the wedding of our very own Dr. Haley Perlus. You can be sure I’ll be telling you more about that!

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  1. Kala
    June 20, 2011
    1:17 pm #comment-1

    Sounds like a great ride!! 🙂 Have fun in Buffalo!

  2. Kathy
    June 21, 2011
    3:21 am #comment-2

    OMG!!!! Come hell or high water I’ll be there!!!! I’m going to try to get a gang together to come with me.

  3. Phillip Schlueter
    July 1, 2011
    2:04 am #comment-3

    Jennifer, thanks so much for the awesome ride this afternoon. Having just finished a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, your wonderful class design was great for the outdoor cyclist in me. The classes I train in at the Jewish Community Center are taught from an outdoor perspective and really gave me a excellant heads up on participating in an actual ride. Honest here, I only had about 30 miles on my bike before I rode 545 miles. It was very appropriate training for me. I love cycling and spin now 3 days a week. I’m 62 by the way and see myself as an instructor soon! Great class!!

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