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My Gratitude Ride: Why I’m Blessed!

By Jennifer Sage On November 22, 2012 No Comments

This morning, Thanksgiving Day 2012, I taught my 90-minute Gratitude Ride in my Spinning class. I just love, love, love this ride! I ask everyone to come with three things in mind that they are grateful for, and we focus on each one of those during three different segments of a long climb about halfway into the ride. When we focus on what we are grateful for, and not on the things we don’t have, we get more of the same and our lives are filled with even more abundance. It’s amazing how the universe works! But it’s also amazing at how effective this is during a cycling class.

Exercise, or any athletic effort, is such a wonderful way to express our love and gratitude, and Spinning classes present the

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Energia Magica – don’t miss this epic climb if you are in NY!

By Jennifer Sage On April 22, 2012 No Comments

I just taught the Energia Magica ride at the Fitness Fest in Scottsdale Arizona, and it reminded me why I love, love, love this ride. I know you will too!Spinning climb

“Magical Energy” Spinning Ride

It is such an epic climb, so reminiscent of a true, challenging outdoor ride in majestic mountains. The cues are so different than any I’ve ever used, the concept is different – it’s truly a “magical energy” ride! I am teaching this in New York City on Friday May 11 at 6:30 pm. Please come ride it with me – imagine you have a huge climbing goal in the Alpes or Rocky Mountains – this will take you there!

Click here for more information and to sign up. And thanks to

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My original Spinning┬« profile “The Gratitude Ride”

By Jennifer Sage On November 20, 2011 1 Comment

Spinning profileIn 2008 I posted my original Gratitude Ride on my blog at the time, Funhogspins. The coaching was specific to the time, but many of the thoughts expressed in this ride can of course still be used. My newest version of The Gratitude Ride was just posted on the ICA website (for ICA members), and has been updated considerably, including the ideas, the coaching, the quotes and the music. And it’s a 90-minute class.

However, anyone can feel free to use this profile that I created four Thanksgivings ago and add your own style and your present-day thoughts. Click here to find it on Funhogspins.

This was back when I taught more of a typical Spinning® style of class. I do things a little different now though.

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