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Spinning® launches the Spinner Blade Ion with Power

By Jennifer Sage On March 20, 2013 8 Comments

IT’S HERE!!! Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning is launching their Spinner Blade Ion with power at the IRHSA conference going on right now in Las Vegas. I am so excited that they brought on Angie Sturtevant to help create their power program and to make sure they stayed on track with the proper science, ensuring that it tracked Kjoules and not just calories. If you don’t know Angie, she is the one behind the CycleOps power program and is an absolute powerhouse (pun intended) of our industry. If this bike is anything like it sounds, then it will be a huge success. Watching this almost made me salivate!

I am holding my breath a little bit, though…it’s still needs to be tested on the market before I’ll recommend purchase. I know

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