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My Thoughts on Lance Pre-Oprah

By Jennifer Sage On January 17, 2013 No Comments

Tomorrow evening will be a big deal for cycling fans and cancer survivors around the world. Even the casual observer may tune in as Lance Armstrong confesses to the empathetic Oprah Winfrey and the world about taking performance-enhancing drugs after a lifetime of lying and cheating.

This is a photo I took at the top of the Col de Croix Fry in the Alpes in 2004, where I had taken a group with my bicycle tour company, Viva Travels. Lance won the stage, although he tried to “gift” it to Floyd Landis, who was unable to chase down the leader at the time, Andreas Kloden of Team Telekom. Leading him up the col is Landis; over his right shoulder is Jan

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28 days of kindness for Newtown…are you in?

By Jennifer Sage On December 16, 2012 11 Comments

Not a soul on this earth isn’t affected by the horrible and senseless tragedy in Newtown, CT yesterday. While my own beliefs are that our nation must address gun control and improving access to mental health care sooner than later, the most immediate and personal issue for all of us is “what can I do“? Nowhere have I seen a more beautiful response to this question than on a post by a friend of mine on Facebook today. Krista Leopold is a passionate and caring Spinning coach and fitness instructor at Charleston Ride, a Spinning studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Here is Krista’s Facebook message to the world:

I keep seeing the Mr. Rogers “look for the helpers” quote passed around. I love it, but I encourage

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So much science to learn from cycling!

By Jennifer Sage On August 14, 2012 No Comments
Spinning paceline

Photo: Reuters

Whether you are a science geek, a cycling fan, a Spinning instructor, or a combination of two or more of those, you will really enjoy this article in BBC News entitled Five science lessons the cycling taught us.

It gives you some practical lessons in physics, including great explanations of a few things we try to use in our indoor cycling classes to help our students visualize more of a real experience. You will learn more about riding in the slipstream (also known as pacelining), why it’s an advantage to be in the back during a sprint, wheel design, muscle fiber type to determine a rider’s specialty, and other aerodynamic features.

As I like to say in my workshops, cycling is all about science and math—physiology, physics, kinesiology, and

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Title 9 anniversary – ladies, are we ready to celebrate?

By Jennifer Sage On June 24, 2012 1 Comment

40 years ago today, here in the US, Title 9 was signed into law by Richard Nixon (hey, he was good for something I guess!) Title 9 prohibited any discrimination in schools based on gender. While its reach was far more than just athletics, women’s sports is one of the most salient areas that was affected, leading to the required funding for the first time of girls’ and women’s team sports in schools (high school and college), which ultimately had an enormous effect on the self-confidence and physical and mental health of millions of young women. I saw this great Nike ad and decided to add a few of my own suggestions:

Here are my additions for your indoor cycling classes and/or outdoor rides, or wellness in general (of course men

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The Battle of the Bulge in the 1940’s

By Jennifer Sage On March 28, 2012 3 Comments

We can laugh at bad exercise advice 70 years later, but do we have the insight to recognize poor exercise advice when it’s in our face? Is society just as gullible now as these women were back then? Back then, exercise science wasn’t very advanced, but in the modern age, it’s amazing the crazy things people will do in the name of fitness!

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Spinning Instructors run in the family and start early!

By Jennifer Sage On January 25, 2012 1 Comment

I saw this video posted on a Facebook Spinning® group page and thought it was so adorable I asked if I could share it on my blog. This is Spinning® Instructor Jenn Lee’s daughter Keira a few years ago when she was 6 years old, on her home “Spinning” bike, teaching a class! It’s a little hard to understand at times but you will be awed by her cuteness. Pay attention to this young lady – she gives you some good form tips! 😉

Jenn Lee fulfilled a dream last year and opened up her own club in Winthrop, Massachusetts, near Boston. It’s called Move-Fitness, an 8,400 sq. ft facility with Spinning®, Zumba®, many other branded fitness classes, and personal training. Way to go Jenn – I can’t wait to hear more

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Filling my soul up with the beauty of autumn!

By Jennifer Sage On October 3, 2011 3 Comments

I have ridden outdoors 7 of the past 8 days, which is a lot for me since I really am busier than I’ve ever been before. Oh, and that one day not on my bike? I taught a really high intensity interval profile in my Spinning® class.

I am so grateful for where I live! And this year the fall foliage is more vivid and vibrant than we’ve had in a couple of years. I know the brilliance of the leaves has something to do with the amount of moisture and the sun and of course cold temps at night, but this time last year the leaves were a pale, almost a gray yellow that fell off really easy. It was a bit of

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