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Do a Squat (or 30), Get a Free Subway Ticket

By Jennifer Sage On November 12, 2013 No Comments

Photo credit: Yuri Kadobnov/AFP

This is awesome! In Russia, in preparation for the upcoming winter Olympics in a few months in Sochi, people are being inspired to get more fit. At a subway station in Moscow, if you can do 30 squats correctly, you can get a 30 ruble (about $.92) subway ticket for free! 30 for 30—what a great idea.

Apparently the machine can tell if you’re cheating and not going down low enough. Apparently from the photo, however, it doesn’t care if your knees are a foot ahead of your toes. 😉

It’s not just limited to squats either. According to the article:

The Russian Olympic Committee has been offering several physical challenges to the public to promote a healthier lifestyle, AFP reported. Other events have included turning handles hanging on buses into

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Kickstarter fund for…cycling panties?!

By Jennifer Sage On September 1, 2013 5 Comments

Let’s take a vote…who might wear these? Don’t like Lycra, but still want to be comfortable on an indoor bike? People obviously think it’s a good idea—as of today (9/1/13), it’s almost reached its fundraising goal! Check out the description on Kickstarter.

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A Beautiful Photo Tribute for Jim Karanas by Billy Garcia

By Jennifer Sage On August 31, 2013 2 Comments

Billy Garcia was one of the presenters at the Pedalando No Topo event in Brazil, and was with Jim Karanas when he had his heart attack. He heard his last words, and he uttered the last words Jim was to hear. I cannot even imagine what it must have felt like to Billy to lose his good friend.

Those words that Billy told Jim are priceless: Angela loves you!

These are the words that Billy wrote underneath the video on YouTube: If you knew Jim then you would love the name of the song…Perfect by Cover Guru. I found this song in Jim’s music and it hit me like a ton of bricks…. Jim Karanas was a friend of mine and I was honored to spend the last

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Jeff Wimmer Memorial

By Jennifer Sage On August 28, 2013 No Comments

If you are in California and would like to attend the memorial for Jeff Wimmer, here is the information. If you haven’t read about Jeff’s passing, you can do so here. RIP Jeff!

Jeff wimmer memorial

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Rest in Peace, Dear Jim Karanas

By Jennifer Sage On August 26, 2013 42 Comments

The indoor cycling community is reeling yet again from another very sad loss this week. Jim Karanas, director of education and training for the Indoor Cycling Group, passed away in Brazil yesterday. He was there to be a part of a huge indoor cycling event. Bryon Black, ICA contributor, knew Jim for many years as a mentor and friend. Below is Bryon’s heart-warming tribute to Jim Karanas.

Jim Karanas at TDC

Jim Karanas leading the ride at the Tour de Cove in San Diego. Photo: Bryon Black

This has been an incredibly tough week for the the Spinning® and indoor cycling community with the loss of two iconic individuals.

Last week we lost Jeff Wimmer, the wizard of indoor cycling repair and maintenance. Actually, that title barely scratches the surface of what Jeff meant

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Our Industry Loses a Shining Star—RIP Jeff Wimmer

By Jennifer Sage On August 18, 2013 28 Comments
Jeff Wimmer

Photo: Jeff (right) with Blake at WSSC 2007

I’m so so saddened by the news of the passing of Jeff Wimmer today. The indoor cycling industry will not be the same without him. If you are a Spinning® (or any indoor cycling program) instructor, even if you never heard of Jeff, you most likely benefitted in some way from his expertise. He knew more about every kind of bike in this industry than anyone else…in the world! He lovingly assembled and repaired more bikes than anyone in the world. He wrote the book (literally) on how to maintain these bikes (your club might have his book on hand in their maintenance department). He taught instructors at WSSC and other conferences how to take the BEST care of their bikes.

Jeff found a

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ICA Contributor Riding the Erie Canal, Wants to Meet Other Instructors

By Jennifer Sage On June 6, 2013 3 Comments

christine on eire trailChristine Nielsen is an instructor from Canada, and a contributor to the Indoor Cycling Association, who has been very successful at convincing her students to purchase road bikes, train diligently, and accomplish long distances outdoors. She spends the winter getting them in shape and teaching them proper cycling technique, and then combines indoor and outdoor training and education in the summer. She’ll be writing a series on ICA about how she’s been able to do this so successfully.

In the meantime, she will be doing a week-long cycling tour along the Erie Canal trail in July and is hoping to connect with ICA members or instructors of like mind, either for a meal, to ride for a while, or just to connect and chat.  Here is her e-mail to me with

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Keep Calm and Keep it Real

By Jennifer Sage On February 25, 2013 No Comments

This meme might be a bit overused these days on Facebook but my assistant John created this one and it’s PERFECT for the Keep it Real theme. Feel free to use this image as you like!

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Meet Our Eight Winners From the ICA Facebook Photo Contest

By John Chappell On February 19, 2013 2 Comments

The Indoor Cycling Association is excited to announce the eight winners of our first annual Facebook Keep it Real photo contest. We more than exceeded our expectations with this contest, with 73 photo submissions and over 800 new “Likes” on our Facebook page. We welcome not just instructors, but hundreds of indoor cycling students from around the globe. Your contribution to our page will help us connect students and instructors, and help us educate you on what is safe and effective in indoor cycling classes. We welcome any suggestions you might have on our Facebook page. We learn from you as well!

This growth will go a long way to increasing our community not only on the Facebook page, but also we hope with

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Student “Floats” Away From Spinning Endurance Ride

By Jennifer Sage On February 6, 2013 1 Comment

I received the following Tweet from an instructor at First in Training in Bellingham, Massachusetts. It’s so awesome I wanted to share it with you:

Spinning Endurance Class

What a great comment by a student! I know exactly what this student is talking about. Don’t you just love that endorphin-rich feeling that makes you want to float after a workout?

And thanks to firstintraining for tweeting that to me. You are welcome! Happy to inspire you to create profiles that get your students to float home.

Instructors: do you teach endurance rides? Do they make your students “float” home? What can you do to inspire them to “float”? It doesn’t mean easy, by any means. But my interpretation is that it means the student

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