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Should Doctors Advise Overweight or Obese Patients About Weight Loss?

By Jennifer Sage On January 31, 2013 2 Comments

As teachers of one of the best ways to improve general fitness and to lose weight, Spinning instructors/indoor cycling instructors are an important link to help millions of people in the world improve their quality of life. Many instructors I know take the next step to become educated as health coaches, personal trainers, and nutritional experts in order to help even more people. The number of success stories from instructors, trainers, and students I’ve heard is overwhelming. Sure, there are many who fall through the cracks, who never come back, who fail to lose weight, but that does not mean we give up or stop inspiring.

But what about the medical community? What is their obligation to counsel overweight or obese patients to lose weight and/or improve their diet? I’ve got a

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Hot Spinning Back in the News

By Jennifer Sage On August 18, 2012 3 Comments

This article from the online fitness journal Greatist asks the question Are Hot Workouts Safe? I covered this topic back in January 2012 in this post. But this topic will keep resurfacing as more and more studios adopt gimmicks that they think will set them apart and increase their popularity. Many employ these gimmicks without doing their research, and in doing so, put their students and members at risk.

This article correctly challenges the belief that excessive sweating “clears away toxins” and that heating up a room, even “only” to 82 degrees, is inconsequential. They give some suggestions on how to tolerate the heat by staying hydrated and to slow the pace if it becomes unbearable. But I believe they left out a few major points about the dangers and misinformation of working out in an

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This video should be seen by every trainer and coach

By Jennifer Sage On December 20, 2011 1 Comment

As instructors and trainers, we are often approached with questions about weight loss and health and fitness that goes beyond the walls of the cycling studio. You may have encountered new students who don’t stick with the program, who you wish you could have convinced to stay. Perhaps you even have family, members, peers or friends who you know should be participating in some sort of fitness program, even if they didn’t come to your Spinning┬« class. You know that if they did come to your class you would take great care of them, but we all know, there are some people who just cannot do (or don’t think they can do) an indoor cycling class.

For these people, SIMPLY moving would greatly improve their quality of life and reduce the risk of disease. This video says it all. It is very well done, interesting, factual, and it keeps you engaged.

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Should you always believe your doctor?

By Jennifer Sage On December 6, 2011 7 Comments

I’ve been confronted with this dilemma on several occasions in the past, and I’m curious if anyone else has as well. A woman was in my Spinning┬« class quite a few years ago and her saddle was way too low, to the point of being dangerous to the knees. I’d never seen her before, and I never saw her after, but this was a club that had hotel guests in classes (in a ski resort).

I asked her if I could raise her saddle for her, explaining that it would improve her comfort and her experience, as well as protect her knees. She said, “Oh no, my doctor wants me riding here. I have really bad knees.”

After I picked up my jaw, I explained that I had had knee surgery myself,

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