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Interval Bicycling Workouts to Use in Your Spinning® Classes

By Jennifer Sage On January 11, 2014 1 Comment

blurrylegs medium sizeIn indoor cycling / Spinning® classes, HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is probably the technique used by more instructors than any other. HIIT is important and it is fun (well, to some people!) but if that’s all you do then you are probably asking for trouble; it’s important to have balance. But that is the subject of a completely different post; this one is to share two interval training articles from Bicycle Magazine by Selene Yeager.

The first is Interval Bike Workouts for Power and Performance.

As the article says:

Intervals. The very word triggers groans of dread from even the most training-obsessed cyclists. But these short, misery-inducing efforts offer a huge fitness return for a comparatively small time investment. Even 20- to 30-second micro-intervals have been shown to increase V02 max,

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