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Teaching Fitness Classes at Age 98! Let’s All Vow to be Just Like Her!

By Jennifer Sage On May 14, 2014 No Comments

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 5.55.20 PM

Oh I fell in love with this sweet lady! She’s 98 and teaching fitness to her peers! Keep this isn mind if your instructor tells you to lift 1 lb weights in your cycling class—this is the only time that might be beneficial (or maybe rehabbing an injury).

She is precious, and when I am 100, I hope to be doing the same thing! Who else feels that way?

To watch the video and read the entire article in the Montreal Gazette, click here. Below is an excerpt:

The fitness instructor is about to start pushups, but first she has to move her walker out of the way. The exercisers at this apartment complex are all over 75 and their leader, Hildegard Gigl, will turn 99 in June.

“I’m getting

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The Mental Benefits of Riding a Bike

By Jennifer Sage On April 21, 2014 No Comments

IMG_3848Riding my bike is one of the best medicines I can possibly take. I’m sure you would agree, and there are scientific studies that prove it, too. More on that in a moment…

This is medicine I could have used the past month…but I’m sad to say I only got on my bike for the first time this season yesterday. Even though I live in the high country, and the nearby ski station of Vail (30 miles away) only closed for the season yesterday, we’ve still had some warm days and clear roads and trails (at least in Eagle, where I live) for the past 3–4 weeks. I’ve been watching cyclists ride up my street from my office window for the past month.

What kept me off my bike?

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8 Things We Wish You Would Tell Us Before Class Starts

By Jennifer Sage On March 16, 2014 No Comments

Grit cycle

A few weeks ago I posted an excerpt from the article “I Can’t Come To Class I Might Die”, from the blog Itsmecassie. Cassie Piasecki has written another great post for her indoor cycling students that I’ve posted in part below. Click here to read the entire post.

This was written for my clients at the indoor cycling studio where I teach but it is also relevant for any type of fitness class. Feel free to change the wording around and share with your students!

8 Things We Wish You Would Tell Us Before Class Starts

  1. Tell us if you are new.
    Maybe it is your first class, maybe it is your 5th class. Maybe you have taken an indoor cycling class at another studio but it is your first time
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Self Magazine: Spinning Does NOT Bulk Your Thighs

By Jennifer Sage On January 18, 2014 1 Comment

Spin ClassDid you know that Spinning makes you fat?! While this ridiculous claim isn’t anything new, it started up again last fall with Harper’s Bazaar, then Redbook in early January (quoting the dubious Tracy Anderson), then a hyped-up media waterfall including the Daily Mail, ABC, Today and Good Morning America—and probably many more that I don’t know about—all squawking that Spinning makes you fat or gives you bulky thighs. All wrong of course.

So it was refreshing when a mainstream popular magazine actually got it right! It’s funny though, they consider this an “exclusive”, and that only Self knows the truth! Oh well, I’ll let them think that, as long as they print more articles like this.

I’ve reprinted the article in full below,

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Calories Burned While Cycling…But Should Calories Be Important?

By Jennifer Sage On January 3, 2014 7 Comments

beyond-pedaling-IC classBicycling magazine just posted an article on how calories work. The article is really too short to explain much at all, but I do like the following:

Your Garmin says you torched 500 calories. You decide you deserve an extra slice of pizza. But you’d have burned nearly 70 calories parked on your chair during that same hour. So your ride probably dispatched closer to 430. “People overestimate what they burn,” says Stephen Secor, PhD, of the University of Alabama. The real amount also depends on factors like body composition and fitness level.

It’s one of the reasons why so many people overestimate the amount of calories they burn in a cycling class, then go have a venti caramel macchiato at Starbucks afterwards as a reward, then wonder why they never lose

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Staying Fit into your 70s and 80s

By Jennifer Sage On November 5, 2013 2 Comments

Alex and Bob LinnMeet Alex and Bob Linn. They are my personal training clients in Vail, Colorado. He’s 82; she’s 75. I’ve been working out with them for almost eight years, and consider them like my family. Here in the Vail Valley it’s pretty common to stay active well into later years. But outside of Vail, I would put Alex and Bob in the top 3% of people their age for their fitness (that’s just a wild guess, I have no real stats!).

They were highlighted in the Wall Street Journal today in an article about what they do to stay fit. In the summer they love to be outdoors cycling, golfing, or hiking. In the winter he downhill skis with the boys (they call themselves the Geezers) and she cross-country skis.

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Cycling and Spinning® for Football Players

By Jennifer Sage On August 16, 2013 No Comments

Kellen Winslow on a bikeKellen Winslow is a professional football player, currently for the New York Jets, and formerly for a variety of teams. A motorcycle accident almost ruined his career back in 2005 with an ACL tear and staph infection. Now, to keep himself in shape during the off-season, and even in-season, he rides a bike. A 240 pound football player rides a bike! Oh how I wish there were more of them who could see the immense benefits! Read this article about how Kellen uses his bike to stay in shape, and to keep his knees strong without the stress.

Kellen says, “It helps my knee out, keeps me in top shape. I feel great when I do it, I feel lousy when I don’t,” Winslow said. “For training camp, I

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Is Yoga a Fat-Burner?

By Jennifer Sage On March 3, 2013 No Comments

Yoga is such an amazing complement to cycling. I love what it does for my body in terms of alignment and flexibility, not to mention the mental benefits of relaxation and immersion into the breath. It’s a beautiful discipline with many benefits.

But a cardiovascular workout it is not, and anyone who tells you so is misinformed. Even Bikram, or other hot yoga classes in which you are bathed in a pool of sweat and can feel your heart rate in your chest during much of the class, are not going to burn many more calories than you would walking during that time. Martica Heaner, Ph.D., a Manhattan-based exercise physiologist and nutritionist, and an award-winning fitness instructor and health writer, has examined the claims that yoga is a fat-burning exercise in Click here to continue reading

Student “Floats” Away From Spinning Endurance Ride

By Jennifer Sage On February 6, 2013 1 Comment

I received the following Tweet from an instructor at First in Training in Bellingham, Massachusetts. It’s so awesome I wanted to share it with you:

Spinning Endurance Class

What a great comment by a student! I know exactly what this student is talking about. Don’t you just love that endorphin-rich feeling that makes you want to float after a workout?

And thanks to firstintraining for tweeting that to me. You are welcome! Happy to inspire you to create profiles that get your students to float home.

Instructors: do you teach endurance rides? Do they make your students “float” home? What can you do to inspire them to “float”? It doesn’t mean easy, by any means. But my interpretation is that it means the student

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An Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!

By Jennifer Sage On November 26, 2012 No Comments

This video shows the power of the mind, of perseverance and commitment. Share this with anyone you know who feels like they can’t recover their health. Perhaps they can a little more than they thought!

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