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Learn About the Science of Burning Fat

By Jennifer Sage On May 9, 2014 No Comments

fat-cell-comicFitness professionals must learn the science behind what they are doing and teaching. That is why I like to share articles I find that will help your understanding of physiology. Please read this article by Dr. Len Kravitz posted in Ideadfit. It’s called the Science of Fat Burning. While it is quite short, and to read more about the physiology of burning fat, it gives you a good understanding of  how fat is stored and mobilized and what happens when it reaches the muscle where it will be used as fuel for muscular contraction.

Below is an excerpt. Click on the above link to read the full article. TIP: Read the highlighted words (Fat, calorie, athletic performance) for even more great information.

Fat may seem like the enemy of civilized people—especially sedentary ones. Yet we cannot live without it.

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Lactic Acid Debunked: ALL Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Instructors Please Read!

By Jennifer Sage On February 15, 2014 4 Comments
Team Sky Froome of Britain sprints on the finish line ahead of BMC Racing Team Evans of Australia and Team Sky Wiggins of Britain at the end of the seventh stage of the 99th Tour de France cycling race between Tomblaine and La Planche des Belles Filles

Photo credit: Steephill.tv/Reuters

SCIENCE WARNING! This post is going to refer to several articles that get into some serious exercise physiology that is extremely relevant to what happens in a Spinning® or any other indoor cycling class. As a result, I truly HOPE that you, as an indoor cycling instructor (and perhaps even those who are simply students) are eager to read it with great interest. Our industry needs more instructors who are passionate about how the body works, or at the very least, interested in making

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The Myth of Lactic Acid Refuses to Go Away!

By Jennifer Sage On June 17, 2013 4 Comments

massageA few weeks ago, I was getting a massage at a spa in a club where I used to work for 15 years. I knew the therapist from my tenure there as a personal trainer, but hadn’t seen him in many years.

I was still a little bit sore from my first long bike ride of the year two days prior. During the massage (which was excellent, by the way), David said something about flushing out the lactic acid as he massaged my legs. I was facedown with my head in the face plate, so I was unable to plant my forehead into my palm. I’ve spent much of the past 5–6 years trying to educate instructors about the lactate threshold and the myths of lactic acid. It looks like it’s still rampant in the massage therapy world.

It was because I knew

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Is Yoga a Fat-Burner?

By Jennifer Sage On March 3, 2013 No Comments

Yoga is such an amazing complement to cycling. I love what it does for my body in terms of alignment and flexibility, not to mention the mental benefits of relaxation and immersion into the breath. It’s a beautiful discipline with many benefits.

But a cardiovascular workout it is not, and anyone who tells you so is misinformed. Even Bikram, or other hot yoga classes in which you are bathed in a pool of sweat and can feel your heart rate in your chest during much of the class, are not going to burn many more calories than you would walking during that time. Martica Heaner, Ph.D., a Manhattan-based exercise physiologist and nutritionist, and an award-winning fitness instructor and health writer, has examined the claims that yoga is a fat-burning exercise in Click here to continue reading