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Is Your Saddle Set Up Correctly?

By Jennifer Sage On December 7, 2012 No Comments

Are you set up on your bike properly? Those of you who have known me for a while know I am always reiterating the importance of proper setup in an indoor cycling class. I have seen it over and over again during my 16 years of teaching and training instructors: too many instructors do not set their students up correctly—if at all! It’s astounding to me when I travel to another facility and I set someone up, and the rider says these words:

Wow, thanks! No instructor has ever done that for me before!

Really? How can that happen? Isn’t that one of the jobs of an indoor cycling instructor?

Anyway, I know it’s probably not the instructors who are reading my blog who neglect to check their participants’ setup, because my

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Based on Science, Used in Medicine – by guest blogger Gene Nacey

By Jennifer Sage On May 3, 2012 No Comments

Spinning classes based on science

Another guest blog by Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion, from his new blog Evidence Based Cycling

Until I took the red pill (see initial post), I spent 95% of my working life in healthcare; specifically workflow methods and technology. As I got more and more involved on the clinical side of the equation, I began to learn about a distinct approach to the real life practice of delivering care to the patient called Evidence Based Medicine. In some ways, it looked to put to bed some of the same issues I feel burdened with as I continue to teach Indoor Cycling Instructors and coach competitive riders; that of competing opinions or treatment protocols for the same set of symptoms or circumstances.

In the

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“What Happens in a Spinning® Class” – a video review

By Jennifer Sage On April 28, 2012 No Comments
Spinning instructor Peggy Dyer

Spinning® instructor Peggy Dyer

An instructor sent me this link in Facebook to a video on About.com titled “What Happens in a Spinning Class.” (I am unable to embed the video here).

Sometimes the things you read or watch on About.com are a bit iffy, because they don’t always seek out experts who have a solid background in what they are talking about – especially some of the fitness advice. So when I saw the title “What Happens in a Spinning Class” I have to admit, I prepared myself for the worst. I had visions of them lifting weights and doing pushups on the bike, and pedaling at breakneck cadences while bouncing around like popcorn.

But, I was in for a pleasant surprised… Hey, it’s Peggy Dyer! I know Peggy, and she does an awesome job

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A ROCKING review of an indoor cycling studio – by a world-class Ironman triathlete!

By Jennifer Sage On April 23, 2012 2 Comments

Spining studioGood reviews of your indoor cycling studio are important. Excellent ones are even better. But when you get a rockin’ review from a world class triathlete (especially one who is going to race Lance Armstrong), then you’ve knocked it out of the stratosphere!

ICA member Kathy Erlich-Sheffer opened up Cycledelic studio last summer in Rochester, New York. I’ve known her for several years and watched as she has gone from dreaming about her own studio, to the scary steps of leasing the space and deciding on bikes, to hiring instructors to opening her doors. She and her staff of instructors are devoted to keeping it real. They still get the student who comes in and wants to lift weights in class “like they do down in New

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Cycling Training – Fact, Fiction, Formula or Philosophy?

By Jennifer Sage On April 20, 2012 No Comments

This is from Gene Nacey’s (founder, Cycling Fusion) new blog Evidence Based Cycling. Gene and I share a similar passion of merging indoor and outdoor cycling, as well as working to spread the word of indoor training techniques based on science and proper training principles utilized by the top cycling coaches. You know, evidence-based cycling! The title of Gene’s blog is brilliant, isn’t it? I for one will be following this closely, and will contribute whatever I can to his goal of doing our own research to help this industry do its homework.

Gene has agreed to post his ramblings here on Sage Cycling. Make sure to follow his new blog as well, and to like Cycling Fusion on Facebook. Enjoy!

Cycling Training – Fact, Fiction, Formula

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Marathoners prepare to run in the heat in Boston – “dangerously hot”

By Jennifer Sage On April 16, 2012 No Comments

First of all, good luck to all the runners in tomorrow’s Boston Marathon. I am always in awe of someone who can run for over 26 miles!

Mother Nature is planning a hot day in Boston, quite unusual for this early in the year. Here is an article by the Running Doc in the NY Daily News called Will 84-degree heat prove dangerous in Monday’s Boston Marathon? He gives specific tips for handling the heat, and mentions that whenever weather turns hot, there are more people who become ill at races.

This is a no-brainer, isn’t it? Heat can cause illness, injury or even death. One of the largest marathons in the world is taking huge steps to mitigate the risks to its runners, and it will be up to the runners

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8 Great Ways to Keep Your Students Coming Back! Guest Blogger

By Jennifer Sage On April 13, 2012 5 Comments

Today’s Guest Blog is Jennifer Lynn of Studio S in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“The journey of thousand miles begins with a single revolution..”

Isn’t that how the saying goes?

The first day to the 524,600th day….where do I begin?

I was so excited to reminisce about the first day of my life as a spinning instructor. I distinctly remember walking into a class full of curious and excited members! The class was slated for 9:30am MWF and I was taking on a group of dedicated folks…who had expectations….

I prepare to teach class: set up the stereo, my bike, student bikes, and try to keep my heart rate in check…adrenaline is pumping…and so are my nerves. The clock strikes 9:30am and away we go…little did I know that my MWF class would become a group of folks with whom I would spend the next 6 years of my life teaching and befriending. How amazing!

How did

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Is the Spinning® brand important?

By Jennifer Sage On April 7, 2012 18 Comments

Spinning programGoodness, my blog post from yesterday caused quite a stir on Facebook. Some people believe that even bad publicity for Spinning® is a good thing, and while I can see their point because millions of people watched this on live TV, I still disagree—this kind of bad publicity only dilutes and hurts the brand even more.

Others on my Facebook page wondered why I should even care about the “name” Spinning® so much.

One person said:

Why nit pick about the name? It’s been called spinning for years, that’s how people know it, it’s lame to even mention it.

Sure, it’s been called “Spinning” for years. But she, and many others, do not realize the importance of a brand. It’s not just a name or a title.

So I thought it would be important to

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Teaching Spinning® / indoor cycling is not an “easy” gig!

By Jennifer Sage On April 6, 2012 6 Comments

Spinning certificationShannon Fable, a Schwinn Master Trainer and longtime fitness presenter, has written an excellent article on the ACE blog called “Riding a bike going nowhere is harder than it looks“. The gist of the article is that to some people in the industry (club owners, group fitness managers, instructor-wannabes, some students), indoor cycling is not much more than “pedal, push and repeat” – anyone can do it as long as they “are in shape, have a great personality and spend a ton of time on their tunes”!

Those of us who know better, know better. Whether teaching indoor cycling/Spinning® is your hobby or part of a fitness vocation, it is not an “easy” endeavor. Sure it’s not rocket science either, and in my opinion there are few things more rewarding,

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Indoor Cycling in the heat? Are you out of your mind?

By Jennifer Sage On January 6, 2012 26 Comments

If Soul Cycle’s unscientific, unsafe and ineffective approach to indoor cycling classes doesn’t make you crazy enough, I present to you the next potential threat to proper and safe indoor cycling.

Before I tell you what it is, I have a few questions for you, the knowledgeable Spinning® and Indoor Cycling instructor (or enthusiast) or studio owner, about thermo-regulation:

  • You know how you can get really hot in a Spinning® or Indoor Cycling class because you are working hard? You know how Spinning® and Indoor Cycling studios get really hot because a lot of people are working hard together in an enclosed space? Sometimes really, really hot, sometimes even steamy? And you know how smart facilities do everything possible to make sure there is good ventilation, lots of fans, and cool temperatures?
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