Awesome Video – for dog lovers and mountain bike lovers alike!

By Jennifer Sage On November 21, 2011 Under General Advice

This video is so fun, I thought I’d share it with you. The only thing I have to say however, is Dude! Why you walking UP the hill? Ya gotta deserve the downhill!

on pinkbike.com

Lily the dog is so adorable. Notice how she plays with the rock at the end!


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  1. Moritz
    November 21, 2011
    5:31 pm #comment-1

    To add to your playlist of Irish songs: “Mountain Dew” by “The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem” un CD “Irish Drinking Songs”, 103 bpm

  2. Jennifer Sage
    November 21, 2011
    6:37 pm #comment-2

    Is that the song on this video? I was thinking how that would be a great Irish song to add to the Saint Patrick’s Day list! We do think alike! šŸ˜‰

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