Attack Those Rollers

By Jennifer Sage On March 23, 2014 Under coaching, Outdoor Cycling


The blog I Love Bicycling has a short article on how to attack rolling hills on a bike outside, but there is some good advice for your indoor climbs as well. The author, Lee Agur, gives these tips:

The key to rollers is maintaining your cadence and gearing!

Stay in the gear that you started the hill climb for as long as possible. Shift only when your cadence starts to slow below 75. A cadence between 70 to 90 [rpm] is ideal. If you shift too early you will lose valuable momentum; however, if you shift too late then you might stall out.

Attack the bottom of the roller and gradually increase effort as you climb the hill until you must shift. Short rollers are like mini intervals. Just remember you are going to be able to rest on the other side.

You can obviously ignore the part about coasting (not pedaling) since it’s not something we do indoors…

He goes on to say…

I try and stay seated as long as possible by keeping my cadence high in the beginning, but once the cadence starts to slow, I get out of the saddle and find a nice rhythm to finish off the climb powering over the top and cruising down the backside.

I love doing short rolling hills in my classes just like this. Not only does it simulate real hills outside, it’s fun, challenge and hard!

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