A San Diego YMCA does it the right way!

By Jennifer Sage On June 8, 2012 Under facility spotlight, Keep it Real

Even though you can usually ride year-round in San Diego, here is an instructor at the YMCA in Mission Valley, Steve Diggs, who uses indoor cycling classes to train outdoor riders in a safe and effective manner. I especially like the quote from the article:

“People who just ride (casually, on the road) tend to stay at the same level,” Diggs said before one of his recent classes at the YMCA. “But people who have structured workouts tend to improve.

“Indoor cycling is about getting a very efficient workout in a very short period of time. … It’s all designed so you get the maximum amount of fitness in a given hour for a given time of year,” he said. “We’re actually doing easier intervals this time of year (late winter/early spring). As we get into spring and summer, the intervals get shorter and harder, to bring your fitness level up.”

This shows that they are periodizing their program. I just love to see this and wish more facilities would see the light in this kind of training. Even though he is a triathlon coach and his classes attract many triathletes, the methods he is talking about are far more effective in meeting the basic fitness goals of an ordinary person who does not ride a bike, than the predominant techniques you see in Spinning/cycling classes. Steve Diggs obviously uses indoor cycling to train all aspects of cycling fitness, as expressed in this quote from the article:

Diggs emphasized that the fitness goals through indoor cycling include increasing circulation, increasing the efficiency of using fat and carbohydrates, and increasing the mind’s ability to overcome fatigue.

On a neuromuscular front, the systematic, progressive nature of indoor cycling interval training assists the athlete’s overall balance, peddling power and efficiency, maintaining stillness on the bike and control of overall wattage, Diggs said. All of these elements combine to raise the athlete’s fitness threshold.

Way to go Steve! When I come to San Diego, I would love to take one of your classes!


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  1. Terry
    June 15, 2012
    7:30 pm #comment-1

    Great argument for taking indoor cycling classes!

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