8 Things We Wish You Would Tell Us Before Class Starts

By Jennifer Sage On March 16, 2014 Under Being a Better Instructor, General Fitness and Health

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A few weeks ago I posted an excerpt from the article “I Can’t Come To Class I Might Die”, from the blog Itsmecassie. Cassie Piasecki has written another great post for her indoor cycling students that I’ve posted in part below. Click here to read the entire post.

This was written for my clients at the indoor cycling studio where I teach but it is also relevant for any type of fitness class. Feel free to change the wording around and share with your students!

8 Things We Wish You Would Tell Us Before Class Starts

  1. Tell us if you are new.
    Maybe it is your first class, maybe it is your 5th class. Maybe you have taken an indoor cycling class at another studio but it is your first time in our studio. We’d love to know so that we can help you set up your bike, explain a few signature moves or drills and maybe give you a little extra guidance during the ride.
  2. Tell us if you are injured, getting over being sick or that you are pregnant.
    There are things we can tell you to do or not do that will help you feel more comfortable during your ride. When you tell us afterwards that your knees have been feeling funky, we feel bad that we told you, “You can do it!”, when you sat down midway through the sprint!
  3. Tell us if your bike feels uncomfortable or that you can’t get something to move (handlebars, etc). We are trained to fit you to the bike and like to spend a few minutes making sure it is set up just right for you. Just ask us to help.
  4. Tell us if you have to leave early. We will be expecting you to leave before the last song vs. worrying that you are puking outside.
  5. Tell us that you’d like help figuring out how to do a particular move or drill.
    We want you to “get” everything we do. We know that sometimes you might need to see it a bit slower or with more verbal cues. We come to class early to help with things like this.


For the rest of Cassie’s 8 Tips for students, click here to read them on her blog.

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