If you are near Rochester, NY come ride at Cycledelic this weekend!

By Jennifer Sage On December 14, 2011 Under Events, Virtual Rides

Are you anywhere near Rochester, NY? Then you wont want to miss this event!

Do you know anyone who enjoys indoor cycling or road cycling who is anywhere near Rochester? Then you must be sure to tell them about this!

Announcing two very special Virtual Rides with guest instructor Shirin Beckett from California. Both rides will feature Epic Planet Virtual Rides with Shirin’s expert coaching

Saturday, December 17th, 11:00a.m: Ride Mt Baldy in California
Sunday, December 18th, 11:00a.m: Ride the Rouge Roubaix

Kathy Erlich-Shaffer is the owner of Cycledelic, a boutique indoor cycling studio in Rochester. Cycledelic is the first dedicated indoor cycling studio in upstate New york. Over the past few years I’ve watched Kathy transition from her deep desire to open her own studio, through the ups and downs of locating just the right space, going through the painful permit and buildout process, the challenges of hiring the right instructors, and the joy of her grand opening. Kathy wants to do it right, with top notch bikes (she chose the Freemotion S11.9 with power), a comfortable and attractive studio design, and the best educated instructors who Keep it Real! Kathy estimates that they have about 75% outdoor riders in their classes at the moment. I am so impressed with everything she has done to make her dream a reality.

Kathy is bringing in an amazing and passionate guest instructor this weekend to lead two virtual rides at Cycledelic. Shirin Beckett is from Claremont California and teaches at a small studio where she has developed a very close knit group of students who love her passion and guidance. She is one of my most favorite people in the world, and I know if you have a chance to ride with her, you will love her as well.

Here is the information about Cycledelic studio:

932 S. Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14618

Let me paraphrase Kathy’s Cycledelic newsletter about Shirin’s visit:

Shirin Beckett is coming ALL the way from Los Angeles to Rochester in DECEMBER folks. THE Shirin Beckett. Don’t know who she is? That’s ok – I’ll fill you in. Shirin is one of the pioneers of bringing virtual rides into the indoor cycling classroom. She puts heart and soul into making sure the ride is as close as you can get to riding outside without riding outside. It was Shirin who was responsible for Epic Planet producing and filming the Mt. Baldy ride; the very ride she is teaching on Saturday. Never heard of Mt. Baldy? It was Stage 7 of this year’s Tour of California and considered the hardest stage of any North American stage race ever. Mt. Baldy is practically in Shirin’s back yard… she knows it well. Sunday she’s back for more, teaching the Rouge Roubaix. Ever heard of the Paris Roubaix? It’s a “spring classic” race. I’ll let you Google it. The Rouge Roubaix is Baton Rouge, LA’s tribute to the Paris Roubaix, and we’ll ride it from the perspective of a local racing team. Even if you don’t feel “ready,” I encourage you to sign up and ride at your own pace simply to experience the renowned talent of Shirin Beckett. It’s a pretty big honor to have her coming all the way from Los Angeles exclusively to Cycledelic. Let’s show her our appreciation and fill those classes!!!

I for one truly wish I could be there to experience Shirin’s teaching of these rides, and can’t wait to hear how this event goes and will post some photos. I repeat, if you are anywhere near Rochester, or know anyone else who is, don’t miss it!

To learn more about these virtual rides, check out Epic Planet. They are a blast to teach to and can help you add interest and variety to your classes!


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