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Attack Those Rollers

By Jennifer Sage On March 23, 2014 No Comments


The blog I Love Bicycling has a short article on how to attack rolling hills on a bike outside, but there is some good advice for your indoor climbs as well. The author, Lee Agur, gives these tips:

The key to rollers is maintaining your cadence and gearing!

Stay in the gear that you started the hill climb for as long as possible. Shift only when your cadence starts to slow below 75. A cadence between 70 to 90 [rpm] is ideal. If you shift too early you will lose valuable momentum; however, if you shift too late then you might stall out.

Attack the bottom of the roller and gradually increase effort as you climb the hill until you must shift. Short rollers are like mini intervals. Just remember

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8 Things We Wish You Would Tell Us Before Class Starts

By Jennifer Sage On March 16, 2014 No Comments

Grit cycle

A few weeks ago I posted an excerpt from the article “I Can’t Come To Class I Might Die”, from the blog Itsmecassie. Cassie Piasecki has written another great post for her indoor cycling students that I’ve posted in part below. Click here to read the entire post.

This was written for my clients at the indoor cycling studio where I teach but it is also relevant for any type of fitness class. Feel free to change the wording around and share with your students!

8 Things We Wish You Would Tell Us Before Class Starts

  1. Tell us if you are new.
    Maybe it is your first class, maybe it is your 5th class. Maybe you have taken an indoor cycling class at another studio but it is your first time
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I Can’t Come to Your Class…I MIGHT DIE!

By Jennifer Sage On March 1, 2014 4 Comments

spinning woman from the front, on a bike(Reprinted with permission from Cassie P, the author and owner of itsmecassie blog. Click here for the original article.)

“I can’t come to your class…I MIGHT DIE!”

I get this a lot. Friends who have not tried an indoor cycling class have no idea what to expect. But why do they think they are going to die? I’ve probed a little deeper and they do! They think they will DIE. I haven’t heard of any indoor cycling related deaths. After I reassure them that I haven’t lost anyone yet and show them proof of my CPR certification, I usually send them an email that explains how and what they will feel. I gathered my thoughts and made it a little more succinct and posted it on Facebook. I got a lot of great feedback

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