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Thinking About Getting a New Bike for 2014?

By Jennifer Sage On December 29, 2013 1 Comment

Bike with a BowAs indoor cycling instructors, many of us have students who become interested in cycling outside as a result of our inspirational and real-life coaching in our indoor classes. When this happens to me, I know I’ve done my job right! Some might think you are creating reasons for your students to NOT come to your class, but I disagree. They now have more reason than ever to continue coming for your coaching, although admittedly, when the weather is beautiful they may prefer to be outside. I don’t blame them one bit! Since most classes are smaller during the summer months, it doesn’t bother me at all; I know they’ll be back once the days get shorter and colder.

I’ve gotten e-mails from instructors who are making the transition to becoming outdoor

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15 Reasons Teaching Indoor Cycling is as Good as Sex

By Jennifer Sage On December 17, 2013 No Comments

reasons-teaching-indoor-cycling-is-sex-rachelLast week I brought you RateYourBurn’s 21 Reasons Indoor Cycling is as Good as Sex…

Well, not to be outdone by her students, Schwinn Master Trainer Rachel Buschert followed that up with the 15 Reasons Why TEACHING Indoor Cycling is as Good as Sex.

What do you think? Who wins? 😉

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Is Indoor Cycling as Good as Sex?

By Jennifer Sage On December 14, 2013 1 Comment

21-reasons-indoor-cylcing-is-sex-spinningRateyourburn has done it again, with another chuckle-inducing article about indoor cycling. This one lists 21 reasons why indoor cycling classes are as good as sex, or how a good cycling instructor is like a great sex partner.

Before you read this, remember, I’m just the messenger! 😉

I got a good laugh out of most of these. How about you?

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Loving Hills Outdoors is Not as Easy as Indoors!

By Jennifer Sage On December 2, 2013 1 Comment

Tom-in-MauiI love to climb. But I have to admit, there are times when I have a love/hate relationship with them once they start getting over 30-ish minutes long, or steeper than 8% for longer than a couple of minutes. I’ve had to nurture and caress my love for climbing over the years, and in fact, it actually needs more nurturing as the years progress!

Elly Blue has written a great article in Bicycling magazine on how to love hills.

Indoors, I think we get a little complacent when on a “tough” climb. I mean, yeah, we can make it “hard,” or what we think is hard…but it’s never really quite as tough as a steep or really long climb outdoors. I’m not sure our non-cyclist students really get that. They might be in for a rough awakening if

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