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Great Christmas Gift for Cyclists and Indoor Cyclists!

By Jennifer Sage On November 29, 2013 2 Comments

bike link braceletCheck out these awesome bracelets made from repurposed bike chain links.

Marylou, the artist, is a certified Spinning Instructor and road bike enthusiast with a yoga habit. I saw these on her Facebook page and thought they would be awesome gifts for all the cyclists and indoor cyclists I know.

On the sales page, Marylou says:

I LOVE cycling and I LOVE accessorizing…so I’ve combined the two to create these chain link inspired bracelets. I disassembled a Shimano chain from our local cycling shop and used the inner and outer plates as an alternative to traditional beads. There are two lengths to choose from; 7 1/2-inches (has five chain plates) or 8-inch (has six chain plates) and each has at least one “outer” plate that is stamped “Shimano.”

At only $20, I

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Do a Squat (or 30), Get a Free Subway Ticket

By Jennifer Sage On November 12, 2013 No Comments

Photo credit: Yuri Kadobnov/AFP

This is awesome! In Russia, in preparation for the upcoming winter Olympics in a few months in Sochi, people are being inspired to get more fit. At a subway station in Moscow, if you can do 30 squats correctly, you can get a 30 ruble (about $.92) subway ticket for free! 30 for 30—what a great idea.

Apparently the machine can tell if you’re cheating and not going down low enough. Apparently from the photo, however, it doesn’t care if your knees are a foot ahead of your toes. 😉

It’s not just limited to squats either. According to the article:

The Russian Olympic Committee has been offering several physical challenges to the public to promote a healthier lifestyle, AFP reported. Other events have included turning handles hanging on buses into

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Hunting Down Unlicensed Instructors

By Jennifer Sage On November 6, 2013 8 Comments

keep calm and zumbaI’d be really curious to hear your thoughts on this. The legal department for Zumba has recently published a list of individuals and facilities in 31 countries who are teaching Zumba® without holding the proper, current license to do so. Here is that list.

What do you think? They certainly are within their rights, since their trademark usage requires a current license and certified instructors. Do you think a fitness company should post a list of uncertified instructors teaching without a license or certification, which is a violation of their copyright?

Let’s take this one step further. Since this is an indoor cycling community, do you think that Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning® should follow Zumba’s lead and publish a list of unlicensed instructors and facilities who are unlawfully using the

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Staying Fit into your 70s and 80s

By Jennifer Sage On November 5, 2013 2 Comments

Alex and Bob LinnMeet Alex and Bob Linn. They are my personal training clients in Vail, Colorado. He’s 82; she’s 75. I’ve been working out with them for almost eight years, and consider them like my family. Here in the Vail Valley it’s pretty common to stay active well into later years. But outside of Vail, I would put Alex and Bob in the top 3% of people their age for their fitness (that’s just a wild guess, I have no real stats!).

They were highlighted in the Wall Street Journal today in an article about what they do to stay fit. In the summer they love to be outdoors cycling, golfing, or hiking. In the winter he downhill skis with the boys (they call themselves the Geezers) and she cross-country skis.

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