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10 Most Common Errors in Indoor Cycling Class—Article by Rachel Buschert Vaziralli

By Jennifer Sage On October 30, 2013 No Comments

common-indoor-cycling-mistakes-rachel-buschert--We are a big fan of Rachel Buschert Vaziralli at the Sage Advice Blog and Indoor Cycling Association! She is a master trainer for Schwinn, has her master’s degree in exercise physiology, and is an avid cyclist. What a great combination!

Her latest gem is a list of the top 10 most common errors in indoor cycling. You can read them here on Rate Your Burn. Given that the majority of instructor reviews on Rate Your Burn are about how good they wiggle their butts, how fast they spin their legs while standing (considered a good thing), the upper body workout, or how often they do tap-backs, it’s really great to see these kind of common sense lessons spelled out here. I wish I could find out how many will learn from

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Incredibly Motivating Video to Use in Your Classes

By Jennifer Sage On October 3, 2013 2 Comments

Do you have the ability to project videos in your cycling studio? Then you must use this video to empower them! Pick a profile that you know will ask a lot of your students, one that is not just physically challenging, but one in which you will ask them to push themselves beyond their comfort zones mentally and emotionally. If your students are resistant to sitting for longer periods of time, use this video before a profile that will ask them to stay seated longer than they usually accept. One in which they have to push a higher power output, or a faster cadence than where they prefer to hang out.

Then watch as you see the transformation. This video will change every single one of your students into a lion.

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