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Some TDF Stages in the Pyrénées Threatened by Floods

By Jennifer Sage On June 20, 2013 No Comments

It is now a little over a week before the start of the Tour de France. Make sure to stay tuned here on the Sage Advice blog as I post updates leading up to, and during the Tour so you can use these tidbits in your Tour de France classes in your indoor cycling classes.

The most pressing news is the intense rains and snow runoff in the Pyrénées, which may impact the stage route, especially Stage 9. They haven’t made any official changes to the route yet, but stay tuned. Here is a good article with some great photos of the flood damage. I’ve ridden through some of these villages, which are often situated next to the many fabulous rivers in the area. I can imagine how flooding can be very damaging.


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Soul Cycle For Homeless People

By Jennifer Sage On June 20, 2013 No Comments

This will bring a smile to your face! Thanks to the new New York Citi Bike program, now you don’t have to pay $35 per class. In fact, pedaling these bikes backwards (because that’s the only way you can pedal a locked bike) with no resistance, is almost as good a workout as a real Soul Cycle class.

“This is a New Yorker helping other New Yorkers get beautiful definition.”

Sarcasm at its best… 😉

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The Myth of Lactic Acid Refuses to Go Away!

By Jennifer Sage On June 17, 2013 4 Comments

massageA few weeks ago, I was getting a massage at a spa in a club where I used to work for 15 years. I knew the therapist from my tenure there as a personal trainer, but hadn’t seen him in many years.

I was still a little bit sore from my first long bike ride of the year two days prior. During the massage (which was excellent, by the way), David said something about flushing out the lactic acid as he massaged my legs. I was facedown with my head in the face plate, so I was unable to plant my forehead into my palm. I’ve spent much of the past 5–6 years trying to educate instructors about the lactate threshold and the myths of lactic acid. It looks like it’s still rampant in the massage therapy world.

It was because I knew

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Need Instructor/Trainer Input For New Weight Loss Motivational App

By Jennifer Sage On June 12, 2013 No Comments

how to lose ten poundsDr. Haley Perlus is a longtime contributor to ICA with a specialty in mental toughness. She was also a contributor to the Indoor Cycling Summit. Earlier this year I interviewed Dr. Perlus about her new e-book, How to Lose Those Last Ten Pounds. To learn more about the book and to find out how you can earn up to 75% commission for referring your students/clients, click here.

Dr. Perlus has a new project, and would like your input. If you are an instructor and/or personal trainer who works with students/clients on weight loss or improving fitness, perhaps you have some ideas you can share with her.

The product is a weight loss motivation app that tracks BMR and calories, and provides mental toughness tips and videos to motivate individuals

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ICA Contributor Riding the Erie Canal, Wants to Meet Other Instructors

By Jennifer Sage On June 6, 2013 3 Comments

christine on eire trailChristine Nielsen is an instructor from Canada, and a contributor to the Indoor Cycling Association, who has been very successful at convincing her students to purchase road bikes, train diligently, and accomplish long distances outdoors. She spends the winter getting them in shape and teaching them proper cycling technique, and then combines indoor and outdoor training and education in the summer. She’ll be writing a series on ICA about how she’s been able to do this so successfully.

In the meantime, she will be doing a week-long cycling tour along the Erie Canal trail in July and is hoping to connect with ICA members or instructors of like mind, either for a meal, to ride for a while, or just to connect and chat.  Here is her e-mail to me with

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