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Practicing Mindfulness While Climbing

By Jennifer Sage On May 13, 2013 No Comments

Tina Centofante is an ICA member and cycling instructor from Burlington, Vermont. In addition to teaching cycling classes, she is an avid outdoor cyclist. The following article appeared in the Muscles not Motors blog this week, and I thought it would be perfect for indoor cycling instructors around the world to see an example of how what we teach in our indoor cycling classes can translate to improving our experiences outside.

The Muscles Not Motors Blog has as its mission:

Muscles Not Motors supports physically, intellectually, emotionally and ecologically-minded individuals who are committed to activities that build healthy lives, sustainable communities, and a reduced carbon footprint though Movement = Action.


Practicing Mindfulness While Climbing
By Tina Centofante

As a mountain biker, I live for the adrenaline rush of going

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Want to Get Jennifer Aniston’s Famous Arms? Then Don’t Listen to Her Trainer!

By Jennifer Sage On May 5, 2013 2 Comments

Mandy Ingber is Jennifer Aniston’s personal trainer, and in this article she gives five suggested exercises to get Jennifer’s lean arms. Four of them are not so bad, and include some yoga postures. Some of the people I know who take yoga frequently have some of the most beautiful, sleek, and cut arms I’ve seen. Especially the plank to downward dog and the triceps press. Mandy’s cut arms most likely came from her yoga practice. She also suggests biceps curls, but at least Jennifer uses 8 lb weights for her curls despite Mandy pushing 5 lbs as the maximum (oh no, another crazy trainer suggesting women shouldn’t be lifting heavy weights!).

However, this particular move is rather humorous. Mandy claims a Spinning rhythm press is part of the arm-firming solution:

First of all, while this was the original rhythm press in the Spinning® program, they changed it about 10 years

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