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What to say when your Spinning students want to do crunches

By Jennifer Sage On September 29, 2012 1 Comment

Spinning contraidicationFluff. That’s what so many of these contraindicated movements are, the ones that are popular in so many classes around the world. Almost all of them have zero benefit, many are very high risk (to knee, hip, spine, or shoulder joints or to the musculature of the body), but most are plain and simply ineffective at doing what they purport to do—like lifting 1-lb weights to strengthen the upper body or doing oblique crunches sitting upright. So basically, they are all just fluff.

Fluff that takes away from your opportunity to do some real work and obtain real results.

Hold that thought for a moment, I’m going off-topic.

Today I was reading about an online educational internet marketing event that I’m interested in taking. As you no doubt know, ICA is an

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Do you know what the meat you’re eating is eating?

By Jennifer Sage On September 27, 2012 3 Comments

I saw this article on the cattle industry feeding cows gummy bears, ice cream sprinkles, cookies, and chocolate, and it gave me the chills, so I thought I’d share it with you. I imagine most people would like to know what the food they are eating is eating.

I’ve long had issues with the US meat industry and its practices, especially after watching the Food, Inc. and Fast Food Nation films and other videos (usually posted on Facebook) about the cruel treatment of these animals. Top that with hormones given to cows, GMOs, and companies like Monsanto poisoning our food supply, and I’m almost ready to ditch meat altogether!

…Well, maybe not that far, but I am eating less of it. I kind of like the idea of Meatless Mondays! We

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Keeping it Real in the UK!

By Jennifer Sage On September 25, 2012 1 Comment
Spinning instructor continuing education

The Cause and Effect workshop

I am winding down a 3-week trip to Europe that started off in the Netherlands, where I did a Master Spinning® class with two other presenters (current Spinning MI Hans Hoebbel and former Spinning MI Nancy Hasselbaink), plus a weekend of ICA workshops. This past weekend was spent in Wimbledon in London where I helped launch the brand new Pedal Studio in Wimbledon with a press day and my Alpe d’Huez Master Class on Friday, and four ICA continuing education workshops over the weekend. In between the two training weekends, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with some cycling in Alsace, France.

I’ll have some photos of our cycling trip posted soon, but I wanted to put up a few great

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Can you trust cardio machine calorie counters?

By Jennifer Sage On September 17, 2012 No Comments

Another of my regular resources for articles and information is Angry Trainer Fitness. The blogger, Alfonso, analyzes fitness claims and discusses whether they are “fact or fiction.” While I don’t agree with him 100% of the time (he is more forgiving about Soul Cycle than I am, though he does question the effectiveness of their methods), he usually is quite accurate in his assessments, and I really appreciate anyone who is a fitness “myth buster.” His goal is to highlight and promote the more realistic and effective methods and expectations for fitness (based on science) instead of the fluff that is so prevalent in the fitness world.

In this article he discusses whether the calorie counters on cardio machines or heart rate monitors

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The Fitness Industry is a Fraud

By Jennifer Sage On September 13, 2012 6 Comments

It’s starting to make sense.

Those of us in the fitness field who got into fitness because of our combined love of helping others get into shape and our passion for being healthy and fit ourselves, have a hard time understanding how some so-called “fitness” facilities—and some trainers and instructors—seem to be missing the point. We believe that a fitness club should be all about fitness and health; about seeking the most effective and safe way of moving the body towards a healthier state of being. We believe in the wisdom of exercise science. We (er…most of us) believe that gimmicks in the industry are just that—false, short-lived, and potentially injurious ways to sell fitness. We prefer a combination of the tried-and-true and innovative training techniques, all while respecting the principles of kinesiology

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Spinning® and indoor cycling instructors: It’s time to get that “lactate thing” right!

By Jennifer Sage On September 10, 2012 1 Comment

While I’m not an exercise physiologist (and I try not to play one on the Internet!), I do want to bang my head against the wall at times when I read articles that state, or hear commentators on TV (or worse, fitness or Spinning® instructors) say things like, “lactic acid makes you sore” or “lactic acid makes you slow down” or “you’ve got to spin the legs to get rid of the lactate.” I can only imagine when a scientist reads or hears these things—to them it must be like someone saying the earth is flat.

Alex Hutchinson, a scientist whose blog I avidly read (and whose book I refer to like the bible), just wrote a post called “The Unkillable Lactate Myth” in which he speaks about how

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