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Spin Class song with Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO

By Jennifer Sage On June 29, 2012 1 Comment

The ultimate spoof of some of these crazy popular cycling classes out there! Thanks Jimmy Fallon and LMFAO for the laugh!

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Title 9 anniversary – ladies, are we ready to celebrate?

By Jennifer Sage On June 24, 2012 1 Comment

40 years ago today, here in the US, Title 9 was signed into law by Richard Nixon (hey, he was good for something I guess!) Title 9 prohibited any discrimination in schools based on gender. While its reach was far more than just athletics, women’s sports is one of the most salient areas that was affected, leading to the required funding for the first time of girls’ and women’s team sports in schools (high school and college), which ultimately had an enormous effect on the self-confidence and physical and mental health of millions of young women. I saw this great Nike ad and decided to add a few of my own suggestions:

Here are my additions for your indoor cycling classes and/or outdoor rides, or wellness in general (of course men

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Do your self-imposed limitations limit you?

By Jennifer Sage On June 23, 2012 1 Comment

Not Juliett!

Go beyond your self perceived limits!

If her name sounds familiar, Juliet was the one that
brought us the 7 Deadly sins of Spinning!

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If some exercise is good, more is better….right?

By Jennifer Sage On June 21, 2012 No Comments

First, an analogy. My husband loves garlic. Sometimes when he’s making dinner, he’ll chop up twelve cloves for a recipe that calls for two. I guess we all have our own garlic-threshold (his is higher than mine), but sometimes the meal is ruined (or at least, is less yummy) with too much garlic. But I would still say that two cloves is not enough, four or five would be more like it! (This analogy is at the forefront of my mind due to experiencing this recently. I looked at him and said, “why do you believe that if some is good, more is better?”)

Can exercise be compared to garlic? I bet with some skill, you can compare almost anything to garlic! 😉

Those of us who love to exercise don’t need an

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That’s MY Spinning bike!

By Jennifer Sage On June 17, 2012 4 Comments

Facebook can be so fun sometimes! Look what someone posted on my Facebook wall.
Who hasn’t seen this in their facilities?

I wonder how many Spinning or cycling studios around the world will post this image in their cycling room? My Facebook page has almost 60 “shares” so far. Might it send a subtle (or not so subtle) message that this is a pretty childish way to behave? You may want to download this image and post it in your studio. Get permission first if it’s not your own studio, but I bet the owner/manager will find it humorous. Sometimes humor is a great way to get a point across without directly picking on the people who act like this.

Haven’t Liked the Indoor Cycling Association yet on Facebook? Please do

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Exercise WILL change your life!

By Jennifer Sage On June 12, 2012 1 Comment

We know it, and our clients and students (usually) know it. But so many people in the world, oftentimes people we love (like family members), do not fully realize (or they choose to ignore) how much of an impact exercise will have on their lives. They think of it as a “punishment”, or as something those skinny athletic people do. They talk themselves into believing they don’t have the will power. They blame their health problems on their genes, their diet (but still don’t change it) or their upbringing. They don’t believe exercise will have any effect on them because they tried it before and didn’t get very far.The are on the other side of “The Great Divide”.

This article Exercise Will Change Your Life and Here’s Why appeared in the

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Get fat on purpose and then lose it again? You gotta be crazy!

By Jennifer Sage On June 11, 2012 1 Comment

You may have seen this guy recently on TV or in one of many online or magazine interviews he’s done, but if not, you should read this. Personal trainer Drew Manning found himself struggling to understand why his clients couldn’t/wouldn’t lose weight, so he decided to put himself in their shoes. He gained 70 lbs and then lost it again, all in one year. He wrote about his journey to fat and back in his book Fit2Fat2Fit.

All I can say is Wow. I personally would never do that, but I’m kind of glad someone else did and then wrote about it. I believe there can be some remarkable lessons learned from this. I will probably read his book. There are some inspiring stories on his blog from people who have gone through the emotional

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A San Diego YMCA does it the right way!

By Jennifer Sage On June 8, 2012 1 Comment

Even though you can usually ride year-round in San Diego, here is an instructor at the YMCA in Mission Valley, Steve Diggs, who uses indoor cycling classes to train outdoor riders in a safe and effective manner. I especially like the quote from the article:

“People who just ride (casually, on the road) tend to stay at the same level,” Diggs said before one of his recent classes at the YMCA. “But people who have structured workouts tend to improve.

“Indoor cycling is about getting a very efficient workout in a very short period of time. … It’s all designed so you get the maximum amount of fitness in a given hour for a given time of year,” he said. “We’re actually doing easier intervals this time of year (late winter/early spring). As we get into spring and summer, the intervals get shorter and harder, to bring your fitness level

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Why are some Spinning® instructors afraid to Keep it Real?

By Jennifer Sage On June 2, 2012 40 Comments

I need your thoughts. Why do you suppose some Spinning® and indoor cycling instructors are afraid to Keep it Real? I’m in Cincinnati right now and am teaching the Keep it Real workshop in a few hours and this question is always plaguing me. This workshop should be PACKED with instructors who care about doing it “right”. But it’s not.

What keeps them away?

My thoughts:

  1. They might believe it will make their classes boring. [Reality: you can still use a lot of exciting coaching techniques to keep people engaged. Keeping it Real does NOT mean making it boring!]
  2. They say their students aren’t “cyclists” so they don’t care about what a cyclist does. [Reality: as I show in this workshop, everyone’s body works in the same way on a bike, cyclist or not. The ankle bone connects to the shin
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