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Keep learning from endurance coaching methods and coaches

By Jennifer Sage On November 8, 2011 No Comments

Read, read, read. Anything you can get your hands on that will help your understanding of training, physiology and even nutrition for athletes. For your own benefit, as well as for the benefit of your students who look to you for advice. If you are teaching Spinning® and indoor cycling classes, and helping your students improve their fitness and/or performance, then I believe you are working with athletes, regardless of their goals or level of fitness.

Many coaches in the endurance world – which includes cycling, running, triathlon, swimming and rowing, are seeking to be on the cutting edge, pushing the limits of their knowledge of performance. As much as possible, endurance coaches look to science to answer questions, but also realize that they must modify the information to match the individual

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To make a difference in someone’s life is truly humbling

By Jennifer Sage On November 3, 2011 6 Comments

Spinning Conference Jennifer Sage WSSCThis morning I was searching my email for something else and came across an email to me from Mad Dogg Athletics while I was still a Master Instructor for Spinning®. They forwarded me an email letter they had received from an instructor after my last year presenting at WSSC (2009). This letter had such an impact on me that I wanted to share it with you. I can honestly say it inspired me to create the Indoor Cycling Association! It is from an instructor name Laura Sgroi Carron, who is originally from Italy. (That is Laura, second from left in the photo, and me in the center, on stage at WSSC in 2009. Laura makes reference to this ride

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Shame on you Livestrong

By Jennifer Sage On November 2, 2011 3 Comments

I realize the connection between Livestrong.com and Lance Armstrong and his cycling history and legacy has faded, but the original link is still perceived. People believe that Lance Armstrong is involved in, or has some connection with, the content published on Livestrong.com. It is not true, but I think he would be dismayed to discover they promote anything that could be perceived as silly techniques or movements on a bicycle, even one that is indoors.

The online magazine publishes articles on all aspects of health and wellness, but the advice is usually the same as you might see in Shape or Self magazine, or other mainstream print or online journals. They aren’t always based on fact. Nevertheless, I would have expected Livestrong to promote proper cycling techniques, if only for that fuzzy connection

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Would you like to go to the Tour de France?!

By Jennifer Sage On November 1, 2011 1 Comment

Those who know me well, know I am a Tour de France fanatic. I love simulating Tour de France stages in my Spinning® classes, and have created an extensive program (audio and visual) to teach Spinning® and indoor cycling instructors how to put together exciting Tour de France programs in their cycling studios. You may or may not know that I have owned a bicycle tour company since 2003 and have led and organized bicycle tours in Europe since 1989!

I took this photo in the Alpes in 2004 - Landis, Lance, Ulrich and Basso on the Col de la Croix Fry

I’ve been a guide on several tours to the Tour (1999 – with Greg Lemond, and 2000), and taken several of my

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