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Let’s IGNORE science and do what we WANT to on a bike!

By Jennifer Sage On July 29, 2011 12 Comments

Spinning Indoor CyclingFor those of you who know me, I’m kind of a geek when it comes to science. I have a problem with anything that goes against science or what is known to be correct in terms of proper application of science (physics, biomechanics, physiology, etc)…..especially in the name of fitness. Truth be told, in the fitness field most instructors are willfully ignoring science, because they refuse to learn about correct technique, or are afraid to learn the truth about what they are extolling, so by remaining ignorant on the subject they are in a way absolving themselves of any responsibility.

One can draw comparisons to the fitness industry from many other examples in the rest of the world. Watch the following video of a Fox news reporter challenging global warming

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Announcing the Terry Ambassador program for ICA members!

By Jennifer Sage On July 23, 2011 1 Comment

Spinning and indoor cycling clothingI’ve got very exciting news to announce!

Terry bicycles is offering Indoor Cycling Association members a 50% discount on their clothing as well as their famous bicycle saddles (the latter can mean as much as $50 – $100 savings)! I’ve always loved the look and feel and quality of Terry clothing and believe that indoor cycling instructors is a perfect market for them. I’ve also been a Terry saddle owner for almost 10 years on both my road and mountain bikes – and those years prior to that I suffered through years of a sore butt. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for more comfort while riding.

Spinning and Indoor Cycling clothing


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Today’s stage 18 at the Tour de France was in honor of my kitties!

By Jennifer Sage On July 22, 2011 1 Comment

These are my kitties Izoard and Galibier (Izzy and Gibby) wide-eyed at today’s Stage 18 of the Tour de France that went from Italy to France over the Col d’Izoard and finished on the Col de Galibier! They were wide-eyed that anyone could climb that fast over such hard mountains.

Did you see how exciting today’s stage was? My favorite rider, Andy Schleck, was the hero of the day. He had an amazing early break on the second HC climb (early for a rider so high in the GC to take that kind of risk) and won the stage at the top of the Galibier. But the yellow jersey inspires like almost nothing else, and Thomas Voekler did some unbelievable chasing to keep his yellow jersey for

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How much do pro cyclists eat during the Tour de France

By Jennifer Sage On July 20, 2011 3 Comments

People are always asking how many calories a pro cyclists burns in a Tour stage and how many calories they need to eat in order to replace that energy. I’ve got a couple of sources for the answer to those questions.

Andy Schleck tweeted this photo yesterday after the stage. Their team chef had put into one pile everything that one rider consumes in one day – amazing! Hmmm, I think it would take an entire day of pretty high intensity Spinning® or Indoor Cycling classes to be able to put out and consume that kind of energy!

can you eat this after Spinning class?

I also found this blog written by pro rider Michael Barry on what a Tour rider puts into his stomach. A few of the stats

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Some musings on the Tour and ideas for your “Tour de Spinning®” stages

By Jennifer Sage On July 17, 2011 No Comments
Tour de France Spinning classes

Thor the sprinter wins a mountain stage. (Photo Steephill/Sirotti)

How are your Tour de France stages going in your indoor cycling and Spinning® classes? I hope your students are talking about your exciting rides long after the class is over. Let’s look at the past few days of the Tour and see how you can make your own stages more thrilling. It all comes down to how you coach it, the words you use to describe the scene and the strategy, and the variety in how each stage is laid out.

So, the Pyrénées have come and gone. Some critics are saying that after the first crazy week of crashes and drama, the Tour was a little boring in

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Are you Keeping it Real in your Spinning Tour de France stages?

By Jennifer Sage On July 14, 2011 No Comments

Spinning Tour de France StagesTomorrow the Tour de France rolls into the Pyrénées. It just so happens to be Bastille Day – what a great day to do a Tour de France stage! Or if not tomorrow, then Friday, or next Monday, or next fall or in the middle of winter!

As you know, simulating a stage of the Tour de France (or Giro or Vuelta or Tour of California) is a fantastic way to add variety, fun and authenticity to any of your Spinning® or Indoor Cycling classes any time of the year. They are just plain fun to do, and students love them.

But you kinda want to Keep it Real, you know, to keep your “stages” authentic. There is a thread over on the Pedal On forum where instructors are posting their stage profiles for the

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How to teach a Tour de France stage in your Spinning class with power, excitement and authenticity

By Jennifer Sage On July 11, 2011 No Comments

I know we’re into the Tour de France already and I’m just posting this now (due to unexpected delays like surgery), but I am still very thrilled to announce the launch of the 2011 ICA TDF program: How to create exciting Tour de France Stages in your Indoor Cycling or Spinning classes.

Seriously, even if you are only teaching one or two stages, and even if you’ve already started your program, and even if you’ve never taught a Tour stage before, I promise the information in these videos and this 43-page ebook, plus the 6 stages, will catapult your Tour stages into something much more exciting!

Alpe d’Huez Master Class as an Audio!

The part I am most excited about – other than having two stages by Tom Scotto (more on

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Tom Scotto takes on Mount Washington – and then will bring it to ICA members!

By Jennifer Sage On July 9, 2011 No Comments

I just wanted to wish Tom Scotto and his Stage5 team good luck as they race up the fabled Mount Washington Hill Climb in New Hampshire today. Not sure if you know of this race, but the website says this on the registration page:

Please understand you are considering participating in a race where the venue is Mount Washington, which is noted for having very challenging weather conditions.

The Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb and Newton’s Revenge are known as the toughest hillclimbs in the world at 7.6 miles in length, has an average grade of 12% with extended sections of 18% and the last 50 yards is an amazing 22%! Sprint that to the finish!

Not for me! Heh heh, look at the

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Can you dance “Le Vélo”? Laugh your pedals off with this video!

By Jennifer Sage On July 9, 2011 7 Comments

Here is the new theme song for this year’s Tour de France!
Just for grins, you’re going to want this song for your Spinning® Tour de France classes! It’s available on iTunes.

My favorite part: cycling, dancing, humping…
(oh so French!!)

And the cigarette and baguette – he’s got it down! 😉

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Wow, what a Tour! Are you watching? Are you doing TDF Spinning stages?

By Jennifer Sage On July 8, 2011 No Comments

Photo Steephill.tv/Sirotti

This has been an incredible crash-filled week at the Tour de France (reminiscent of 2009’s first week). Stage 5 was a nail-biter with multiple crashes and twisty narrow roads. Today’s stage was scary even though it was pretty flat and the crashes occurred where one would least expect them. But a vicious rear side-wind took out the back half of the peleton 25km from the finish.

For updates, here are some links for you.

Stage seven analysis: Bradley Wiggins is out of the tour with a bad fall and broken collarbone. I’m sad for him, I’m sad for Team Sky, I’m sad for the competition… but I’m also sad for me (us). It’s so fun to throw around Wiggin’s name in my Spinning classes, with an

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