10 Most Common Errors in Indoor Cycling Class—Article by Rachel Buschert Vaziralli

By Jennifer Sage On October 30, 2013 Under Contraindications

common-indoor-cycling-mistakes-rachel-buschert--We are a big fan of Rachel Buschert Vaziralli at the Sage Advice Blog and Indoor Cycling Association! She is a master trainer for Schwinn, has her master’s degree in exercise physiology, and is an avid cyclist. What a great combination!

Her latest gem is a list of the top 10 most common errors in indoor cycling. You can read them here on Rate Your Burn. Given that the majority of instructor reviews on Rate Your Burn are about how good they wiggle their butts, how fast they spin their legs while standing (considered a good thing), the upper body workout, or how often they do tap-backs, it’s really great to see these kind of common sense lessons spelled out here. I wish I could find out how many will learn from this and address these errors though.

I imagine Rachel has to be somewhat diplomatic, given that she is smack dab in the center of contraindicationsville (Manhattan) and that her peers regularly perform (to great fanfare) the silly techniques her science background, fitness training, and cycling experience would reject. I would like to see a regular post by Rachel in Rate Your Burn. There are so many common “errors” in these classes that she could address one per week for over a year and still not get through them all. Or, if she could do a few more “Top Ten Mistakes in Cycling Class,” each time describing new ones, the word would start to get out there. However, if she were to point out the obvious risks for moves like tap-backs and four-corners, and the blatant ineffectiveness (and stupidness) of lifting 1-lb weights or doing pushups or crunches while seated, then she would be talking about 95% of the instructors reviewed on that site.

It’s a conundrum…

Yet, Rachel teaches a popular, kick-butt class in Manhattan that honors real cycling technique without the crazy stuff. There are several ICA members who do the same in New York. So, it is possible to Keep it Real, even in a market like that.

Keep up the great work, Rachel. We’ll win them over one instructor and one student at a time! 😉


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