My Cycling Class Today: An Important Reminder to Keep Yourself Educated

Instructors need to stay on their toes…you never know when one of your riders will know more than you do! Izabela reminds us that if you want to be respected, respect your riders by bringing your best to the table each time.


My Cycling Class Today: When a Rider Doesn’t Like You…or So You Think

Have you ever had a rider who you assumed just did not like you or your class, but they still came regularly? They don’t interact, they don’t listen to your cues, they don’t smile, they don’t stay and chat, but there they are, week after week. Could your perception be wrong? Could it be something entirely different? Izabela recounts a not-so-uncommon story that revealed the truth about one of her regulars. Read how she turned it around.


How Can You Reach Your Destination if You Have No Destination?

Guest contributor and ICA member Izabela Ruprik has been collecting indoor cycling certifications over the past few years (about to take her 7th cert)! She attended a class the other day and came away frustrated so she wrote about her experience. She wanted to share this very important message with all instructors from every program: Always share what the purpose of your workout is with your riders!


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