Instructor and Studio Spotlight: Meet Shirin Beckett!

[javascript][/javascript] On a recent Southern California expedition, I scheduled time each day to ride at the area’s “hottest cycling clubs.” Each was new, shiny, technologically savvy, and, of course, costly to attend. I only made it to day four. Between Tommy’s tap-backs and Lucy’s figure-8s, my head wanted to explode from the insanity swirling around […]


Instructor Spotlight: Julianne Lafleur From Toronto

Where do you find the most inspiring indoor cycling Instructors and dynamic, successful studios in the world? ICA set out on a mission to highlight the indoor cycling coaches, studio owners, and group fitness directors who are impacting individuals and communities where they lead and serve. We will spotlight a new instructor or studio bi-monthly. Our first star instructor is Julianne Lafleur from Toronto, Ontario!


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